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Chocolate Espresso Truffle Roulade: Decadent but easy

Sure, we could just make Rice Krispies squares to serve with some ice cream.

Or we could make this: Chocolate Espresso Truffle Roulade. I love that this recipe takes a very ordinary, inexpensive treat and bumps it up a great big notch without adding to the cost.

This is definitely not your kiddies’ Rice Krispie dessert.

Chocolate Espresso Truffle Roulade

Chocolate and coffee give this a flavor that’s decadent without being too sweet.

It’s a little crispy, a little cold and creamy and the chocolate truffle center is just melt in your mouth divine.

What You’ll Need:

Chocolate Truffle Center

1 (12 oz) bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

½ cup heavy whipping cream;

½ teaspoon instant coffee crystals

Crisp Rice Roll

10 oz miniature marshmallows

¼ cup butter (plus more for greasing)

One box (11 oz) Cocoa Pebbles or other chocolate crisped rice cereal

Ice Cream Filling

½ of a 1.5 quart container of coffee, espresso (or flavor of your choice) ice cream

Here’s How:

Chocolate Truffle Center — Place the chocolate chips in a glass bowl, add the coffee crystals and microwave on HIGH for 35-45 seconds to about 170 degrees. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and leave it for about 2 minutes. Now slowly stir to combine.

If it’s not coming together put it in the microwave for 20 seconds to warm it up.

Keep stirring until you have a beautiful glossy chocolate truffle filling known as chocolate ganache. Cool the ganache in the fridge, stirring every five minutes to ensure even cooling.

When it’s cool enough to hold a shape, place the ganache on a large piece of wax paper.

Pulling the end of the wax paper over the ganache to cover, use the straight edge of a cutting board or baking sheet to push and form the ganache into a 10-inch roll. Place the roll in the freezer until firm.

Crisp Rice Roll — Line a 10-by-15 inch jellyroll pan or baking pan with wax paper. Generously butter the waxed paper and set aside.

Combine marshmallows and one quarter cup of butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover and heat on HIGH for 30 seconds, stir to combine. Repeat until completely blended.

In a large, greased bowl combine the marshmallow with the cereal and press the mixture into baking pan. It’s helpful to use the greased back of a spoon or buttered hands to get it smooth and even. Set this aside and don’t let the kiddies eat it.

Ice Cream Filling — Let the ice cream soften a bit before you schmear it over the crisp rice. Make sure it’s evenly spread about ½-inch thick.

Place the chocolate truffle roll along the short side of the crisp rice. Roll up jellyroll style peeling away the waxed paper as you roll. Place seam side down and freeze until ice cream sets. Slice and serve and take all the Diva credit.

Join us on Facebook at DivasOnADimeDotCom. Frugal food finds contributed by Patti Diamond, author of Divas On A Dime – Where Frugal, Meets Fabulous!, www.divasonadime.com.

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