Divas: Free or nearly free great gifts for dad

June 19 is drawing near. The wonderful day we send up a big thank you to Dear Old Dad. It’s Father’s Day! If you have more love than money, don’t despair! With no money in your wallet you’ll need a trick up your sleeve so here are some gift ideas that use creativity instead of cash.

D-A-D Pictures – Get a tri-fold picture frame at a dollar or thrift store. Next get large wood or plastic letters, a “D” and an “A” or make them out of construction paper. You only need two letters because you’re going to photograph one letter per photo. Photograph your kids, either individually or together, holding the letters and spell D-A-D to fill the tri-fold frame. You can do every year so you have pictures of the kids growing up. Works for M-O-M too.

Painted T-Shirt – Paint a T-shirt with fabric paints found in craft stores. Use a plain white T-shirt and paint in big letters “Best Dad Hands Down” then have the kids put their handprints on the shirt and sign their names. Or paint a shirt for his favorite activity, like Dad’s Official Fishing (or camping or bowling) Shirt.

Don’t worry about my husband’s “okay-est” shirt in the photo. After 21 years as an amazing, awesome, cool Dad we’re running out of superlatives. He’ll love it.

Hand-made Card – Want to make Dad’s day? Have the kids draw pictures of Dad doing his favorite activity or share a special memory with a special message.

Wash Dad’s Car – Really get in there and detail it. This can be a family activity and it’s more fun than it sounds. When you’re done, top off the tank.

Do Dad’s Chores – Do some of the household chores usually delegated to Daddy. Wash the windows, clean the patio and patio furniture and barbecue, mow the lawn and pull a bunch of weeds.

The Gift of Time – On the computer make a certificate for fishing, golf, garage, or reading time, hanging out with the guys’ time or whatever Dad never has the time to do. You can also make certificates so he can collect on your time. Offer help with projects or spend time together doing what he enjoys. This only works if you actually uphold your end of the deal.

Painted Stone – Find smooth stones for the kiddies to paint. Place them in the garden or use as paperweights. Paint the stones to look like animals or paint happy faces. Make a card to say “You Rock!” or “You’re my Rock” or “Rock Star Dad”.

Food! – You can’t go wrong making Dad’s favorite meal. Pizzas, burgers or bust out the barbecue. Finish with Dad’s favorite cookies.

King Couch Potato – Dub Dad “King Couch Potato” and set him in his favorite chair, give him the clicker and keep a six pack on ice within easy reach. Go all out with a robe and crown and have an official coronation ceremony.

Most importantly, spend time with Dad. Call or skype if you don’t live close by and let him know you love him … while you can.

Frugal Festivity contributed by Patti Diamond from Divas On A Dime – Where Frugal, Meets Fabulous! www.divasonadime.com Join us on Facebook at DivasOnADimeDotCom.

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