Free activities at New Hope

New Hope Fellowship has put the facility formerly housing their Christian school to work. After enrollment for the school program dwindled, church volunteer Cathy Swan was approved to open a recreational facility for children and use a portion of the building and the computers from the school to teach seniors how to use a computer.

Right now, Swan said she has 10 people coming on various days, and 10 people means a full house when all are present.

The classes cover everything from turning on the machine, setting up an email account and refresher typing to learning various programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

For the more advanced, there’s training in I-Books, I-Toons and banking. Swan said, “One of the students could type half a word in a minute and got up to 17 words a minute which was a big success for her.”

The students are grateful for the opportunity to become a part of the technical age. “There’s nothing better than a good thing that’s free,” noted one of the participants in the computer classes.

Beginner classes started June 18. One more on July 2 will be held at the center, then the second phase starts July 9 and will run through July 16.

Beginner MS Excel, a spreadsheet software program, will be from July 23-30.

Aug. 1, the beginner MS Publisher, a graphics program, will be offered and will run through Aug. 13. If classes are filled, those interested can still be added to the waiting list for the fall schedule when the series starts over.

Students will learn terminology like server, URL, modem, router, ethernet, http, search engines, cookies, cyber-harassment and how to protect their online transactions.

According to Swan, the present computer towers used for the classes need to be upgraded. They are upgrading the Microsoft Word software and hoping to add new monitors in the near future.

To sign up for classes call Swan at 702-285-1327. The classes are free.

New Hope Fellowship has also opened a recreation center for kids from 3-7 p.m., on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The center is currently searching for volunteers to help kids enjoy available games of table tennis, air hockey, face painting, pinball, reading, video games and sports like dodge ball, soccer, racket ball, kickball.

It’s a good way to get a little exercise as the adults participate in the games, too.

Swan said, “Some kids come in from the neighborhood, some are bussed in, some grandparents bring their grandkids and they can play X-Box, watch a movie, play sports outdoors (weather providing), and generally, it’s a place for them to go.”

Swan wants volunteers and parents alike to know they are not there to babysit. The kids have snacks and water available to them and good supervision but Swan said, “We need more volunteers.” There are two staff members available at all times, and the full page of rules is enforced.

New Hope Fellowship recreation center is working with the 4-H, Salvation Army, the Pahrump Library and other organizations to interact with their programs.

Lacking in Pahrump, according to Swan, are programs for children after school when both parents work or are not available. She hopes this program will help fill that need.

Call Swan, 751-1867, to become a volunteer or obtain more information.

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