In Profile: Cary Jubinsky

Cary Jubinsky

Business: Valley’s Edge Country Store

Age: 49

First Job: “At 11, I worked on a turkey ranch and ran equipment and worked with cattle.”

Background: “I have an extensive business background. I owned an antique business for 20 years. I was also a purchasing agent for a major manufacturer in Los Angeles. I love people and animals and so I retired out here. I started a business renting trailers with the owner of Windrock Ranch, who owned the property I am now on.”

Years in business: “I have been self-employed for the past 16 years.”

Personal: “I like to hunt deer and to go fishing with family and friends. I also like to collect antiques because I like learning the history of each item. I like being creative too, I can take a useless piece of junk and turn it into something artistically valuable. I am a people person and enjoy talking with others.”

Business climate: “I think the business climate for what I do, is stable and growing. We sell feed, board animals and sell things you would see in a country store, and there is constantly new people coming in from Vegas that own horses, and livestock that need the things I sell.”

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