In Profile: Raymundo Dominguez

Owner: Las Frutas

250 S. Highway 160, S-B8

Phone 702-776-0495

Age: 44

Background: “I went to a place like this in Salt Lake City, Utah last year and I thought since Pahrump doesn’t have one that it would be good. Also, my wife worked in a place like this in Mexico. Our place sells what we call in Mexico Aquas Frescas, and in English would be fruit waters, which are similar to smoothies, but better. Everything at our store is made fresh daily. We have many different flavors, like watermelon, cantaloupe, peach, all fresh fruit. One of our popular drinks is Horchata. And we also have fresh fruit slices with chili and many more items. My wife runs this place and I still own a construction company in Las Vegas.”

Years in business: “We have been open for a month now.”

Personal: “When I am not working, I like to play tennis with my son. I love living in a small town and have lived in Pahrump for almost two years. I lived in a small town in Mexico, too. I lived in Las Vegas for 24 years and just got tired of the city and traffic.”

Business Climate: “We wanted to come to Pahrump and open this place because it is the only one in town. Yes, there are places here that sell smoothies but we are the only one with a Mexican flavor to it. People say it’s the wrong time to open in the winter, but my wife and I just had our busiest day ever a couple of days ago. Business will pick up when people find out how good this place is.”

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