In Profile: Rick Clout

Rick Clout

Written in Stone by Rick of Rhino Graphics (775) 537-5667

Age: 59

Background: “I was playing around with sandblasting one day and I wrote my name in glass. I started to think, if I could cut glass, what else can I do? That’s how I got started in this business. I am retired law enforcement and I am a military veteran. Now I custom engrave stone and glass. I do pet stones, but I am not into doing tombstones. All my work I do by hand. I can do big sandstones, 20-25 inch stones and something like that will take me 8 hours to do using sandblasting nozzles. I do all the design work on a computer and consider myself more of a craftsman than an artist.”


Years in business: “We have been in business for over 2 years now.”


First job: “My first job ever was in an electronics store in California.”


Personal: “I like to tend to my chickens and ride ATVs in the desert with my wife. We can spend hours exploring a piece of the local mountains. My wife just likes to sit up in the hills and watch the animals.”


Business Climate: “Pahrump has been very good to us. We get a lot of repeat business because we spend a lot of time with our clients. In fact, 40 percent of our customers are repeat customers. About 25 percent of our business is working with retired military and veterans. We do a lot of commemorative stones and glassware.”


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