It’s all about the Science

The Death Valley Natural History Association, in partnership with the National Park Service, is pleased to announce the first Death Valley Natural History Conference scheduled for Nov. 15-17 at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center Auditorium in Death Valley.

The presentation of research and findings within a conference setting provides a valuable means of exchanging information and ideas. The purpose of this conference is to encourage original research within the spectrum of natural sciences and to disseminate this research to a general audience through the presentations themselves and the publication of the papers within the first Death Valley Natural History Conference Proceedings.

About 30 Death Valley researchers will be presenting in their areas of expertise. Opportunities for audience questions will also be given at the end of each oral presentation and during a special poster session. Sunday will be set aside to attend one of two Death Valley natural history field trip tour options.

Ticket price includes general attendance to all presentations, lunch on Friday and Saturday, closing reception dinner, a printed copy of the conference proceedings when they become available and one Sunday field trip. General attendee registration is $125. Register online at

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