Life Skills Plus training beginning later this month

It’s described as an educational course providing information on nutrition, education, work readiness, and other skills for an abundant lifestyle.

Officials at NyE Communities Coalition are inviting interested individuals to take part in its 2017 Life Skills Plus course beginning later this month.

Program Manager Tamalyn Taylor said the eight-session course, beginning Jan. 13, is open to people 18 years old and older at the Nevada Outreach Training Organization on South Blagg Road.

There is no cost to attend.

Taylor noted that Life Skills Plus is a program providing hands-on learning of vital skills needed to be successful in today’s world, by engaging individuals and families to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

Work readiness, resume writing and stretching food dollars are also included in the program.

“It will also cover areas such as food and nutrition, stress reduction and budgeting,” she said. “The food and nutrition portion of this program provides education and basic needs by providing a weekly box of food for 10 days to take home. We have created a program that combines nutrition education, meal planning and strategies to make the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program dollars go further along.”

Taylor also noted that the program’s schedule will provide for the convenience of area families and individuals, each week.

“Participants will meet on a weekly basis for a two-hour class, where the first half will be the nutrition component,” she said. “In the second half of the class, a new life skills topic will be presented. And again, participants will receive a food box with a sample of simple recipes to encourage healthy eating. This is for everyone that wants to learn life skills for life.”

As the program begins next Friday, Taylor said she wants to get attendees registered as soon as possible.

“When I organize the food boxes, it is really helpful to know how many people I need to do that for,” she said. “Unfortunately, there is no child care available. The location is at 621 South Blagg Road at the Nevada Outreach Training Organization. To register, call 775-751-1118. The course runs from Jan. 13 through March 3 and it will be only on Fridays from noon to 2 p.m.”

Taylor arrived at the coalition last year.

She earned her formal education in evolutionary biology and ecology.

She also has a graduate degree in rehab counseling.

“I have kind of an unusual background and it’s partially because it took me a while to figure out where I fit the best,” she said. “After I received my formal training in Tucson, Arizona, I moved to Las Vegas, where I pursued yoga training as well as Thai Chi. In many of my classes, I work with older adults and seniors because that’s my favorite population.”

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