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Local senior program looking to fill positions

Pahrump’s Retired Senior Volunteer Program is looking to fill several paying positions as soon as possible.

The program, commonly referred to as RSVP, serves local senior citizens throughout the community.

Coordinator Jan Lindsey said she is seeking independent contractors to meet the needs of local seniors.

“We have senior clients who are low income and need assistance with house cleaning,” she said. “We hire independent contractors and we do have them go through a background check.Then I introduce them to clients and they perform basic house cleaning for these clients.”

Lindsey said those who pass their background checks will earn more than the present minimum wage.

“The independent contractors earn $10 an hour,” she said. “It is not paid by the client, but it is paid through our program. Right now I have two who are about to undergo their background check, and we’re looking for a few more.”

Lindsey said though the work is not considered backbreaking, the positions require basic housekeeping chores, in a nice work environment.

“The jobs are basic house cleaning and helping with laundry, where they start the laundry or finish and fold,” she said. “The age range is open because I want people that will be able to pass the background check to work with seniors. These people should be patient and understand various situations. There is not an age requirement.”

Additionally, Lindsey said the hours for the position can vary.

“The hours depends on what the client requires, and it depends on how much the contractor is willing to do,” she said. “One person can have 11 clients, while another person has four or five clients and they can spread it out over two weeks because they may also have something else going on, so it all depends. Anyone interested can call me at (775) 751- 5282 and I’ll set up an appointment for an interview and get them the paperwork to get them started.”

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