No To Abuse charity golf tournament returns to Mountain Falls on March 11

It’s the only event in Pahrump where one proper strike of the ball can earn $10,000.

The annual Pahrump No To Abuse Golf Tournament returns to Mountain Falls Golf Course on Saturday, March 11.

The event is a fundraiser for the Pahrump agency.

Organizer Brian Gladd said anyone, regardless of skill can participate in the annual event.

“Preferably, we would like to have people sign up before the event,” he said. “They can however, come on the day of the event if they choose so. It is $100 per person but if they get a group of four together then it is $350.”

The tournament, Gladd said, kicks off with what’s known as a “shotgun” start.

“A shotgun start means there will be a group on each hole and they all start at the same time instead of everybody teeing off at the first hole,” Gladd noted. “There will be somebody at the first hole, the second hole, the third hole, and the fourth hole all the way around the course. They will all start at the same time and they basically follow each other around until everybody gets through to the last hole.”

Additionally, the format is what’s referred to as a “four-man scramble.”

“That is where everybody hits the ball and you go to the best shot out of the four people,” he said. “Everybody hits from there and they do the same thing until they get the ball in the hole. You just keep going for the best shot out of the four people with the shotgun start.”

“This event was done in the past. I think the person who was organizing it has since retired so we are calling this the first annual,” he added.

Along with the tournament, Gladd said raffle prizes can also be had, along with the big money prize for the hole-in-one.

Lunch will also be served at the event.

“The hole-in-one prize is going to be $10,000,” he said. “It is a 190-yard par 3 hole. There have been instances in the past where someone has aced that par 3 hole for the $10,000 prize.”

“No To Abuse is a great organization,” he said. “I actually have a personal friend who was a homeless single parent. She is now working full time, has a vehicle and she has totally turned her life around. It’s a very important organization for this community. I am just the organizer and volunteering my time. I don’t work for the agency.”

Registration for the tournament begins Saturday, March 11 at 8 a.m., while the shotgun start is scheduled for 9 a.m.

Lunch and prizes given at the event are at 2 p.m.

Mountain Falls Golf Course is located at 5001 Clubhouse Drive on the south end of town.

For additional information, or to sign up, call Gladd at 702 210-7991.