Savanna Greenup wins top honor in pageant

It was a night to remember for the rest of her life for Savanna Greenup, who took top honors at the Miss Pahrump Pageant on Saturday.

Not only did Greenup win the overall title of Miss Pahrump, she also won Miss Congeniality, talent, casual wear and the on-stage interview question categories.

Though it’s been nearly a week since her win, she said she is still in disbelief.

“Even though I should have had enough time to take everything in, it’s still completely unreal,” she said. “It’s like I’m in a dream and I am just so excited to spend the year with these girls and the women who put on the pageant.”

Greenup, a senior at Pahrump Valley High School, said her win came about from constant practice each day.

“I work too, but anytime that I could get away from work or even at work, if I’m alone I practiced,” she said. “I also got lots of help from those around me.”

While speaking about her talent category win, Greenup said her performance came about after watching a show on the Disney Channel.

“On one episode, the girls were being told by boys that they are just a number, and then the song started,” she said. “I rarely cry but at the end of the song, I was hit with emotion and I said to myself, it will be my pageant song. That was six months ago and I have been practicing it ever since.”

Regarding the on-stage interview, Greenup said she gained confidence by remaining calm and collected, when asked “What’s the best thing that ever happened to you?”

Her response was being involved in the student council at the high school.

“A few years ago when I was in the pageant I was just so very nervous but this time I just stayed calm, cool and collected,” she said. “I just needed to think about my answer before it came out. At first I was thinking about the pageant.”

Greenup, who is looking to become a geriatric nurse in the future, chose the community platform of “Adopt a Grandparent.”

“Elderly people mean a lot to me and I feel that it’s very important to look to our past because we came from these people and we should give as much respect to them as possible.”

Greenup’s family cheered her on throughout the evening.

Her father Michael expressed sheer pride for his daughter after all was said and done.

“We prepared her by continually praising her,” he said. “I just thought she did so well because she tried two years ago, but when you are a freshman in high school, you’re not as prepared as some of the other contestants.”

Additionally, Greenup’s father said his daughter gained additional confidence as the family attends church services each week, where Savanna, from time to time, addressed the congregation.

“We think that that helped too,” he said. “When you get some talks in front of a couple of hundred people every few months, it helps your self-esteem and everything else, including confidence. She went into it with the mindset that it would still be okay if she didn’t win anything. She knew she was just there to have fun and she enjoyed all the other contestants in the pageant.”

At present, Greenup is planning on appearing in Pahrump’s Independence Day Liberty Parade next month.

Throughout summer break she said she will continue to work at her job and prepare for the upcoming fall classes and the school’s student council.

Following her win, Greenup had nothing but praise for her fellow contestants.

“They were just fantastic and I said in my interview that any of those girls could have made a perfect Miss Pahrump,” she said. “Hopefully they know that and I just love each and every one of them individually. I’ve learned that being in this pageant allows you to discover yourself and you’ll find confidence, which makes you a better person.”

Additional contestants who won accolades were Tiffany Ledford, who took the formal wear and first attendant category.

Shelby Ledford won the photogenic category.

Olivia Sharp won the Director’s Award and Second Attendant out of a field of 10 contestants.

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