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Senior living facility holds unforgettable workshop

Officials at Inspirations Senior Living and Infinity Hospice want the community to know the importance of preserving one’s legacy.

The agencies are inviting the local community to take part in an event known as “Life in Review.”

The workshop is for those who want to learn how to preserve the memories of loved ones.

Community Relations Director Tonya Brum said as people age, memories fade and stories of their youth lose focus.

“It’s a history of an individual or family,” she said. “My kids know my parents and the oldest two know my grandparents, but the rest of them have no idea because they are all gone now. To be able to impart those stories is good for everybody.”

Brum noted the importance of local seniors undertaking their own life in review, to preserve their respective memories.

“It’s put in writing and it’s available to their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” she said. “It’s an important component of aging many of us don’t think about because we are too busy living.”

Brum noted an expert will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate how attendees can create their life in review.

“Those memories are captured and saved for all time to be shared and eventually passed down for generations to come,” she said. “You will learn a new skill and learn more about yourself and experience just how much you have accomplished in your life.”

Though similar programs are routine at many hospices, Brum said the event is a first for Inspirations.

“This practice is something that should be done by everybody,” she said. “To have a journal about their lives as we go through life, is very important because we don’t stop and realize all the adventures that we’ve had from the time we are children.”

The free Life in Review workshop scheduled for Thursday Sept. 10, at 10:30 a.m. inside the activities room and is open to anyone interested in preserving important memories, dreams and goals.

For more information call 775-751-2300.

Inspirations is located at 1554 South Java Ave.

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