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Sportsman’s Quest: Dream hunts for our wounded warriors

As another Memorial Day (Veterans Day) approaches we give an earnest, “thank you for your service” to those who have returned and a “God bless” to those who didn’t. The times are much different from a previous era when our returning veterans were disrespected.

Man, how times have changed and I, as a veteran of that time, appreciate the respect and assistance now given to our sons and daughters.

It’s not only the verbal salute our veterans are receiving, but the outpouring of generosity through the many groups honoring our wounded warriors in particular. We didn’t volunteer expecting anything other than fulfilling a duty, but the assistance is received as an honor.

The Wounded Warrior Project and many others like it are dedicated to serving those who have returned less than whole, but not disabled, as they prove all is possible with our help.

One such organization close to my heart is the Outdoor Adventure Foundation. Their mission is to arrange and donate fully-guided hunting and fishing trips to wheelchair-bound and prosthetically-enabled veterans who dream of once again pursuing their passion. They also provide these experiences to children with severe physical handicaps and conditions. It’s an honest “thank you for your service” to these groups too.

On a recent Elk hunt donated to double amputee Sgt. Marco Solt a life’s dream was able to be fulfilled with the help of the foundation and it supporters.

Another veteran, who sustained his injuries in Iraq, was able to hunt ducks, pheasant and deer with Mr. Tweed Roosevelt, the grandson of former President Theodore Roosevelt and Medal of Honor recipient Clinton “Roe” Romesha. He gives the foundation the credit of “walking the walk” on this North Dakota hunt.

And then there’s the adventure of Lindsay Muench. This “enabled” 17-year-old girl, with the assistance of a donated tracked/motorized wheelchair, was able to fulfill her dream of an elk hunt through the help of the Wisconsin chapter of the foundation. Her full story, along with others, can be read, in their own words, on the Outdoor Adventure website www.ndoaf.org.

Yes, times have changed and the healing continues, thanks to you and groups like these, with a special salute to our brave veterans and to those who continue to serve.

Note: A Southern Nevada Chapter of the Outdoor Adventure Foundation, with the help of Marine Corp Lt. General “Buck” Bedard, is being discussed. With our help this could become a reality.

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