Tecopa: New art, Gypsy Time storytelling

It’s going to be worth the trip to Tecopa, Calif., over the next three weekends as Tecopa Hot Springs Resort comes out of hibernation and offers the venue for some interesting forms of entertainment.

Beginning tomorrow, and carrying through each Friday and Saturday until Jan. 25, you may see a rather odd, mobile contraption parked at the resort. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just the Gypsy Time Travelers in “Florence,” the RV/stage/blacksmith shop on wheels.

The vehicle resembles a combination of castle turrets combined with an old western facade, and is the home of husband and wife team Michel Olson and Christy Horne.

Horne stated on the Gypsy Time website that, Michel “is a navy man.”

“We wanted to build a sailboat and travel the world, but Michel gets seasick, so we built a land yacht (Florence) instead.” She said he was stationed on dry land in Sicily.

Olson is a talented blacksmith and while Horne tells stories, he is making all kinds of items, large and small, in the blacksmith shop.

You can see some of his work under the photo tab on the website GypsyTimeTravelers.com. Drawings for those items will also be held. Tickets will be $1 each or six tickets for $5.

The storytelling will be followed by live music from various performers.

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort owner Amy Noel said folks are encouraged to bring chairs and a drink for the show. The weather cools as the sun sets, so a jacket is suggested.

Sunday, Jan. 19, the art gallery on the resort property will host the opening artists’ reception for the combined show of Lara Murray and Nancy Good.

Both women are talented photographers. The show, titled “Above and Below” explores the exquisite beauty and unexpected visions from aerial vantage points as well as new perspectives on the ground below.

There will be a reception from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Jan. 19 at the gallery and the public is welcome to join the artists for conversation and refreshments.

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