The language of art

Painter Nancy Stilwell is Pahrump Art Gallery’s featured artist. On display at the gallery are 14 pieces, that she says reflect her playfulness and creativeness.

She uses watercolor most often and mixes that with another medium such as ink or marker. She also dabbles with charcoal, pastels and acrylic.

Stilwell does not restrict herself to traditional tools like paintbrushes, she also uses combs, toothbrushes and salt to help her create her works of art.

Nor does she restrict herself to a particular subject matter. She experiments in landscapes, portraits and abstract creations.

She tends to work in a series, and is currently creating abstract works. Abstract art, she said, is one of the most creative ways to artistically express oneself. The process of creating abstract art, she said, is “very intuitive and experimental.”

Of the 14 pieces displayed, six are abstract creations. A focal piece, titled “Mind Play” reflects how she sees herself. “Layered, creative, playful and deep,” she said. Part of the the process, she said, is developing a relationship with herself, uncovering her layers and getting to know herself better.

What inspires her, she said is her relationship with God. “We are created in his image and so we have the privilege of creating,” she said.

Stilwell’s work is on display at the Pahrump Art Gallery, 601 East St., Monday though Saturday from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m., until mid-March.

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