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Tonopah, Goldfield landmarks on ‘Ghost Adventures’ on Saturday

With rumors of paranormal activity taking place in various nearby areas of rural Nevada it was only a matter of time before national television came knocking.

In the upcoming episode of season 11 of the sci-fi television show Ghost Adventures, a pair of Nevada sites are focused on by the popular show.

The old 1907 Goldfield School in Goldfield and the Clown Motel in Tonopah both have their story told and a team of paranormal experts examine the structures to see what evidence of ghosts they can find.

Lisa Pappalardo, co-owner of the Goldfield Gift Shop, explained that crew for the show was there for a few days during filming, and during that time she was interviewed on camera for the show.

"They did an interview and there's the storyline part of that, but I haven't seen any sneak peaks on it, but we're waiting for the 24th like everybody else," Pappalardo said. "They were here a couple of days."

Some of the school-aged children in the area got a chance to be part of the show by being extras in some of the recreation scenes. So to sweeten the experience for those kids, there is a special event planned to celebrate their small screen debuts.

"The Hoist House Tavern is going to host a premiere party, so those kids who were used as extras for the show can have their own Hollywood-style event," Pappalardo said. "We're going to roll out the red carpet, focus on our kids so they feel like the stars. We're going to hire our own paparazzi, so all of us folks around town are going to be there with flash cameras making them feel like movie stars."

The event starts at 5:50 and will have drinks and hot dogs for the kids and of course will feature the premiere of the episode they're featured on.

Bob Perchetti, owner of the Clown Motel in Tonopah has a small role in the show during its focus on his site.

"I didn't have a big role, but they did interview me for the show," Perchetti said.

Perchetti explained the cast of Ghost Adventures was there filming for five days and took up space in one of the motel's rooms and filmed outside of the building as well.

"They rented a room so that they could block it off and did a lot of filming at night there," he said. "They did a lot of filming in the graveyard because that's where the 17 miners that died at the Belmont are buried."

As was the case in Goldfield, Perchetti said some locals got to take part in the show as extras.

"They used some people from around here as actors, so I hope that the show is going to be legit," he said.

Perchetti told the show's crew that nobody has ever seen a ghost in the rooms, but just the graveyard. When asked about what they were able to capture, Perchetti said they were tight-lipped.

"I asked them what they found and they said, 'well we can't tell you, but when you see the program you'll see it,'" he said. "So they wouldn't tell me much, but I'm sure they found some stuff."

Catch the premiere of the Ghost Adventures episode featuring Goldfield High and the Clown Motel on Saturday, Oct. 24, at 6 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

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