Top Notch Car show in Pahrump gets high marks from participants

The verdict is in, the new Pahrump car show held at Top Notch at 3681 W. Bell Vista Road was a huge success and according to show organizers, they raised $2,515 for the Nye County School District.

The Top Notch parking lot was full to the brim with people and cars all day Saturday.

The people that came to the show to participate in it were surprised at how big it was.

“It is much bigger than expected, there are a lot of cars out here,” Pahrump resident Martin Paine, a participant in the show said. “I guess this is the first one and it’s pretty good. I was impressed with it. There is a lot more to do here. There are rides and vendors. There was a lot of planning put into this, you can tell.”

Tony Frazzini just moved to Pahrump from Denver and said the show was fantastic.

Paine said this car show was all about the cars.

“It’s different than the car show at the Fall Festival because that is a car show in the Fall Festival and this is a car show with all the food and rides.”

Paine had a 1932 Ford Roadster that he was showing.

“It was my former father-in-law’s car,” he said. “He had built it for his wife, but she passed away and he never drove it again. So he had left it in the garage for 15 years. He recently passed away. I put in five or six weekends to fix it up. It had been under a car cover for that time. It was very dirty and I had to do quite a lot of work to get it right.”

Clark Hendrickson, another Pahrump local and participant, thought the show was well organized.

“I think it was the best car show that I have seen in Pahrump yet,” Hendrickson said. “The one in the park used to be good. It had music too. That was good because it had grass and trees. But this is a good show. Lots of people came out from Las Vegas. I would do this again.”

Hendrickson, like Paine, just loved talking about cars and wasn’t shy about showing off the unique hood on his car.

“I have a 1954 Ford Coupe which has a 347 stroker motor in it with 425 horsepower,” Hendrickson said. “What is neat about this car it has a demonstrator hood on it, which was just for the showroom only. They were not sold to the public and they made only 200 hoods like that.”

He explained that the dealer would show the car and when the car sold, the dealer would change out the hood.

The Martel family, the organizers of the show and owners of Top Notch, believed the car show to be a big success too.

“We had 138 cars show up and that I think speaks to the success of the show,” Valerie Martel said.

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