Valley Cruisers to rally at Inspirations for Father’s Day

The Valley Cruisers of Pahrump and officials at the Inspirations Senior Living facility are teaming up to bring cheer to local fathers.

Members of the Valley Cruisers will host a Father’s Day Rally this Sunday at the facility.

Longtime member Decker Cheney said a representative from Inspirations Senior Living approached the group about having an event honoring fathers around the community.

Cheney will be driving his vintage 1927 Dodge four-door sedan.

“This is the first time the Valley Cruisers of Pahrump have done this with Inspirations Senior Living,” he said. “We don’t mind at all showing off our cars and of course we put our car show on every year. We needed to have a July cruise, so we’re just doing it a little early. Right now we have between 35 and 40 members.”

The group will muster at Ian Deutch Memorial Park Sunday morning at 9 a.m. before caravanning to Inspirations by 10 a.m.

Community Relations Coordinator Tonya Brum said she is pleased the car club extended the offer.

“Kelly Almond put this together and thought it would be great and get the gentlemen fascinated and engaged,” she said. “This is a Father’s Day gift to our fathers here in residence. It’s a wonderful thing to do.”

Cheney noted one does not need to own a classic car in order to become a member.

“Not everybody has a classic or muscle car and that’s not required for the car club,” he said. “It’s just for people who like cars. We’re not exactly sure how many people are going to show up because it’s a voluntary event and of course our members sometimes have other stuff going.”

Cheney also said he expects to get a phone call on Sunday from his kids who have since “grown up and gone.”

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