Viewpoint: Don’t be a chump, use the dump

My husband and I live on the far north end of Pahrump near Shadow Mountain. We moved from Connecticut six months ago because we fell in love with the beauty of the desert.

Last weekend we were taking our dogs for a walk near Shadow Mountain where we came upon a dilapidated 22-foot fiberglass boat loaded with household trash. In fact, there was so much trash that it was spilling out of the boat onto the desert floor. Because we think this area is a wonderful, natural treasure you can imagine how shocked and mad we were to find that not everyone who lives in Pahrump appreciates its beauty enough to keep the surrounding area clean.

It’s beyond my comprehension why anyone would dump their trash when we have a landfill that is open 7 days a week. It’s so convenient to use and I think they will take just about anything there but hazardous waste. Where I came from if you forgot to put out your trash one week there was no way to get rid of it until the next week and if you wanted to dispose of an old couch you had to hold onto it until one of the two bulk pickups each year and then you could only put out so many cubic feet. Also, you had to tell them everything you were putting out for them to pick up.

To the person(s) that dumped that boat at the base of Shadow Mountain, I want to remind you that this is your home. Do you really want to trash it up? Do you really want to turn a beautiful part of the desert into an eyesore while at the same time making it hazardous for the wildlife in the area?

I think anyone living in Pahrump that dumps their trash in the desert needs a good shot of pride injected into them so that maybe they will wake up to the fact that when they don’t dispose of their trash properly they are destroying the beauty of the place they call home. This community has all the makings of a great place to live so let’s start by keeping the area clean by using the landfill. The desert is not your private dumping ground. Please find the Nye County Landfill and use it.

The address for the landfill is 1631 E. Mesquite Ave and it’s open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., 7 days a week.

Sabre Sabatino is a resident of Pahrump

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