Divas on a Dime: Easy bird nest craft is ‘cheap, cheap’

Lately, I’ve been taking my morning coffee on my patio and enjoying the sights and sounds of the birds flitting about my garden. I’ve also been trying to discourage a pair of finches trying to nest in my oven exhaust vent. I’ve taped the vent closed but they’re surprisingly persistent little birdies.

They’ve inspired me to create a few nests of my own to bring a touch of spring indoors.

These papier-mâché nests were easy and so inexpensive to make. They’re nothing more than brown paper and glue! Of course, you could use different paper. Make them gold, white, pastel or bright colors. You can reuse shredded paper from your home or office, or recycle newspaper, gift wrap or packing material.

For the nests in the photo, I used paper lunch bags and colorful newspaper ads. You’ll cut or shred the paper into thin strips. I used an electric paper shredder and a handy dandy pair of multi-bladed scissors that are perfect for the job.

The size of the nest is up to you. Use a bowl as the base, so choose a bowl roughly the size you’d like the inside of your nest to be. Make small nests for individuals or a large centerpiece-sized nest.

If you’re ambitious you could raid your yard for small bits of twigs, leaves and dried grass to add a realistic look to the nest.


What You’ll Need:

Paper – shredded or cut into thin strips.

White glue – (such as Elmer’s)


Small bowl – size of desired nest

Plastic wrap


Turn your bowl upside down and cover the bottom tightly with plastic wrap. Place the bowl upside down on a protected work surface (I used aluminum foil over newspaper). In another bowl, mix 2 parts glue with one part water.

Place small handfuls of the shredded paper into the glue until moist, then squeeze out all the excess. Lay strips of paper across the bowl in a crisscross pattern, covering as much of the bowl as you can.

I used thicker, wider strips, in the beginning, to add strength to the base of the nest. Now crumple small handfuls of paper and dip in the glue, removing excess glue. Use this to build layers and create the nest. Leave some shreds uneven so it looks natural and twiggy.

Let the nest dry overnight or longer, depending on the size of your nest. Once the outside is dry, remove the nest from the bowl and carefully remove plastic wrap.

Some of mine popped right out, some needed a little gentle persuading. Allow the nest to finish drying right side up if the inside is still tacky. When completely dry, add more shredded paper inside to fluff up the nest. Fill with festive treats.

This was such a fun craft. Using material we literally had laying around the house we made adorable decorative gifts for Easter, or Spring in general. I believe this, by definition, is frugal and fabulous!

Now, if I could convince my little birdies to try one and leave my oven vent alone.

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