Divas on a Dime: Making a case for Super Bowl Queso

Can you host a Super Bowl gathering without serving a creamy cheesy dip?

Of course, you can! But why would you? Bring on the ooey-gooey molten liquid cheese. Everyone loves it.

Delicious restaurant-style queso dip is dangerously easy to make at home. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You know chocolate fountains? I want to have a queso fountain. I want a queso waterfall and I want to bathe in it. Actually, no. That’d be disgusting. But, I digress.

Most cheese dips are made with a rectangle of bright orange “cheese” and a can of tomatoes with chilies. Of course, it tastes good and will be devoured in a flash. But once you taste queso dip made with real cheese and enjoy the depth of flavor, you’ll never go back.

However, to keep this real cheese queso from getting clumpy or grainy you do need to add a small amount of magical American cheese, which is technically a processed cheese. But get the stuff from the deli counter. It’s made from real milk and requires refrigeration. That’s a clue. You only need about a quarter of a pound and you can get exactly the amount you need for under $2.

This insanely delicious super-versatile recipe can be made on the stovetop as directed but also in a crock pot or microwave. You just melt and stir. You can totally do that. Right?


Yield: about 2 cups

Time: 10 minutes

What You’ll Need:

½ cup milk or half and half

4 ounces cream cheese – cubed

4 ounces (¼ pound) American cheese – white or yellow

2 cups (½ pound) shredded cheese * See note

½ cup salsa or salsa verde

*Note – Use whatever cheese you enjoy or a combination. I love sharp cheddar, yellow American and traditional salsa for regular queso. Or pepper jack, white American and salsa verde for queso blanco. But please, experiment. This is a most accommodating recipe.

Here’s How:

Place milk, cream cheese and American cheese (cut in small pieces) in a saucepan over low heat. Heat until melted – whisking constantly. Add the shredded cheese one handful at a time, letting each melt before adding the next, whisking constantly. Add the salsa and stir to combine. Once it’s all melted, smooth and glorious, serve immediately, or transfer to a slow cooker with a “warm” setting to keep dip warm and melty.

What to dip? Besides all the chips, try flour tortillas, pork rinds, French fries, or chunks of French bread. It’s divine with celery, carrots and other crudité.

Want to get fancy? Garnish with cilantro, pickled jalapeño, green onion, fresh tomato, avocado, crumbled bacon, crumbled pork rinds.

Want to make it a meal? Add cooked chorizo, taco-seasoned hamburger, chicken or turkey, pour it over cooked hash browns or french fries. Make nachos! Or add a can of chili con carne. Delish!

Frugal Festivity contributed by Patti Diamond from Divas On A Dime – Where Frugal, Meets Fabulous! Website and blog – www.divasonadime.com Join us on Facebook at DivasOnADimeDotCom.

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