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The Reeves Brothers to celebrate new album Saturday

Pahrump’s own The Reeves Brothers are set to celebrate their latest record with a special event this weekend.

The local favorite band will celebrate the release of the hard copy of their album, “Home Sweet Honky-Tonk,” at the Hubb, Saturday night from 8 p.m. until midnight. The iTunes version of the album was released Sept. 3.

Hearing their new music isn’t the only feature at the event, as Carter Beggs and the Bad Habits will serve as the opening act, there will be hayrides, a mechanical bull, the Dirty Tequila Girls, and more.

The 10-track album was recorded in June at the Tone Factory in Las Vegas, featuring all new material, with a mix of songs penned by the band and from other contributors alike.

“We went in there for what had to be 60 hours and we did three original songs that we had personally written and then some other songs that hadn’t been recorded yet that some friends of ours had written,” said Cole Reeves, lead singer of The Reeves Brothers. “There are 10 tracks on the album total.”

The band was aiming for a particular feel with the new album and Reeves said he thinks they achieved their goal.

“We were going for a whole new sound compared to our other recordings that we had professionally done,” he said. “This has a classic vibe to it, we were going for more of a Waylon Jennings type of sound, outlaw country.

“I think we captured what we were going for.”

The release party will mark the first time the band will play the new material live in Pahrump, but they have played some of the songs while on the road this summer.

The group’s summer tour took them through the Midwest and the South and it proved to be a great experience for all involved.

“Everyone took us in and accepted us,” Reeves said. “We had amazing crowds and just had a wonderful time.”

Although many memorable moments took place on their several-week tour, one stood out over the rest, in Reeves’ mind.

“I have to say our best show happened in Gravette, Arkansas,” he said. “It was really good, because we got a local talent up to play on stage with us, he was a really talented kid from the area. The crowd really loved it because they all knew who he was.”

The 16-year-old kid did a good job, according to Reeves, and they left him with a parting gift after the show was over.

“We ended up giving the kid a guitar that we had on the road with us because he was a nice young man that was learning how to play and he’s been playing a lot more since,” he said.

Although every track is like a kid in its own right to the band, Reeves said he has one song that he enjoys more than the rest.

“My favorite song is called ‘Local Loser’on the album,” Reeves said. “Tony Martinez and Dana Armstrong wrote that song and Tony Martinez is now on the road with Whitey Morgan, who is a big-time guy in our genre of music.

“It’s about a guy who becomes an alcoholic in a band and he went from being the big fish in a small pond, to a nobody when he went to Nashville and he became an alcoholic and ended up losing his chance at making it.”

Reeves said the song has no personal story behind it, it was just a catchy tune that Martinez and Armstrong came up with.

So if you want to hear some “plain and simple country,” boogie on down to the Hubb this weekend for a honky-tonk good time.

“It’s going to be a very energetic show with our five-piece band,” Reeves said. “Like I said we’ll have the hayride and mechanical bull and Pete’s Meats and Treats is going to be catering it.

“So everybody will have something to do there.”

For more information on The Reeves Brothers album release party give the Hubb a call at 775-910-9575. The Hubb is located at 3720 W. Bell Vista Ave.

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