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Police arrested one man last week after they found more than 60 grams of marijuana in his car during a traffic stop on State Route 372.

Mark Rambo was taken into custody Aug. 21 on charges of possession of marijuana more than one ounce and possession of drug paraphernalia after a Nye County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a red Toyota Prius with Iowa plates for making an illegal lane change on the highway.

According to an arrest report in the case, when the deputy went to make contact with the driver of the Prius, later identified as Rambo by his California driver’s license, she could smell a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Rambo allegedly admitted to the officer he had just purchased two ounces of the substance in Las Vegas and that he had a medical marijuana card from California.

He further added he picked the product up from a doctor here in Nevada.

A second officer soon arrived on scene and began questioning Rambo about his medical marijuana card.

When Rambo showed it to the officer, he noted in the arrest report that the card only had the words Pacific Referrals printed on it and nothing about it being a legal California medical card.

Rambo also reportedly showed the officers his prescription, which they noted looked fake as well.

Before he was placed under arrest, Rambo told the officers he had purchased the marijuana from a place other than a dispensary, but declined to give them the name of the individual he bought it from or the place of purchase.

A search of his vehicle also allegedly turned up a glass marijuana pipe as well.

He was subsequently transported to the Nye County Detention Center to be booked into custody on the drug-related charges.

A check of his criminal history also allegedly revealed Rambo has prior arrests for the sale of narcotics, including the sale of marijuana and prison time.

COPS: Man rips off restaurant tip jar

One man found himself in jail last week after he allegedly stole a tip jar from a local restaurant.

On Aug. 22 a deputy was in the area of Dahlia Street when he witnessed two males hanging out near Rubalcaba’s restaurant.

Soon after another male came running out of the business shouting they had stolen his tip jar.

The deputy was able to stop one of the males near the Salvation Army building and could see the other male, later identified as Erick Oleb Dolmers-Sly hiding in a nearby bush.

Dolmers-Sly eventually came out of the bush and joined his friend at which time both men were detained for questioning.

When Dolmers-Sly was asked where the tip jar was, he allegedly told the deputy he threw it over a fence, but offered to show the officer where the money was.

Once other officers arrived on scene, Dolmers-Sly took the deputy to where he had hidden the money under a piece of cardboard.

In all, $8.90 in bills and coins was collected and returned to the Rubalcaba’s employee.

The tip jar was unable to be recovered because it had been thrown onto another property that was enclosed with barbed wire.

Both men were detained for questioning and told police Dolmers-Sly was the one who took the jar and the other male had nothing to do with the theft.

Dolmers-Sly later filled out a voluntary statement allegedly admitting to the burglary and was subsequently transported to the Nye County Detention Center to be booked into custody.

COPS: Walmart TV caper ends in arrest for man

A man who allegedly attempted to steal a TV from a local store last week was arrested after he was stopped by store employees.

According to a declaration of arrest in the case on Aug. 22 around 1:10 p.m., a deputy was dispatched to Walmart for a report of theft.

When he arrived, the officer met with the store’s assets protection manager who said a man by the name of John Oldham had come into the store and purchased one item, before leaving with a tire tube and high-definition television that he allegedly didn’t pay for.

The deputy then spoke with the suspect who allegedly admitted to attempting to steal the tire tube, but denied having any intention to steal the TV.

As the two continued talking, the deputy reportedly noticed Oldham attempt to hide something he pulled out of his pocket, which turned out to be a piece of tinfoil.

According to the arrest report, Oldham said he used the foil to smoke marijuana.

Oldham was then placed under arrest for burglary, petit larceny and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia before being transported to the Nye County Detention Center to be booked into custody.

COPS: Two charged after Home Depot dash

One man was taken into custody last week after more than $500 of merchandise was allegedly stolen from a local home improvement store earlier this month.

On Aug. 13 police were alerted to a possible burglary from Home Depot. Employees told a responding deputy two adult males entered the store with a shopping cart and picked up several items, including drills, parts and possibly a radio charger, with an estimated value of $550.

After putting the items in their cart, one suspect reportedly left the store and pulled a green Pontiac up to the doors of the lumber section and the other ran out, loading up the car before the two took off without having paid for the items.

A sales associate explained to police he recognized one suspect as Tyler Yorker because the two had gone to school together.

He added he could identify the other if he was shown the man’s picture again.

When police ran the license plate number they were given for the alleged get-away car, the vehicle came back registered to Yorker.

Although police attempted to make contact with Yorker at his residence, they soon learned he was allegedly in custody in Clark County.

An NCSO detective went to talk to Yorker about the incident, at which time Yorker allegedly admitted he and a man named Timothy Rocha stole the missing items from the store.

When police made contact with Rocha on Aug. 21, he also allegedly admitted to the crime, telling police he needed money to buy drugs.

Rocha was subsequently arrested and transported to the local jail to be booked into custody.

COPS: Man enjoys heroin buzz on way to jail

Police arrested one person for being under the influence of heroin over the weekend after they reportedly received several reports of a male passed out on the side of the road.

On Saturday around 1:20 p.m., a deputy was dispatched to the area of Pahrump Valley Boulevard and Elderberry Street for a report of a man passed out on the side of the roadway, possibly under the influence.

When the officer spotted the suspect, he made contact with the male, asking if he was alright.

The man, identified as Bobby Gene Stewart Jr., allegedly told the deputy he was “f***ed up and had just smoked heroin.”

According to his arrest report, Stewart’s speech was slurred and incomprehensible at times.

At one point, Stewart allegedly slumped over to lie on his side on the ground.

The deputy had Stewart stand up, which he noted the man had a hard time doing, before placing him under arrest for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Stewart was then placed in the back of the officer’s patrol car to be taken to jail to be booked into custody.

On the way there, Stewart allegedly kept telling the deputy he was high and that he had screwed up, at one point stating he was “so high, it would make your mama high.”

Once at detention, a urine test came back negative for any substances in his system, so a blood draw was conducted for further evidence.

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