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Business owners arrested after alleged embezzlement incident

The owners of a local bar were arrested earlier this week and charged with several crimes relating to them allegedly locking out a business owner they lease space to.

Dean Hendrix, 53, and Lawanna Hendrix, 77, were taken into custody Tuesday and charged with preliminary counts. Lawanna Hendrix was charged with preliminary counts of embezzlement and obtaining money under false pretense, while Dean Hendrix was charged with preliminary counts of conspiracy to commit embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the Flying Pig Restaurant at 900 W. Highway 372 at 7:27 a.m. Tuesday in reference a citizen’s assist.

When deputies arrived, they made contact with one of the business owners, who stated that he and his business partner are the owners of the Flying Pig Restaurant and that they were renting space from the Who’s Dunes owners, Dean and Lawanna Hendrix.

The victim stated that before the deputies’ arrival, he saw his business open without his knowledge. In addition, the victim explained that he was currently locked out of the establishment by the owners.

The victim told sheriff’s deputies that the products inside of the Flying Pig, including food, drinks and money, belonged to him and his partner, and were worth about $3,000. The victim went on to state that he was previously locked out by Lawanna Hendrix and her son before.

The victim said that when he arrived at the Flying Pig that Dean and Lawanna Hendrix were operating his business without his consent. The victim claims that he came to the establishment to collect the items that belonged to him and his business partner.

The Flying Pig was also discovered to have signs placed on the front doors declaring the business was being run under new management.

Deputies were able to speak with Dean and Lawanna Hendrix at the scene. Dean Hendrix confirmed to the deputy that they locked the owners of Flying Pig out of an area of the building and that they were running the business in order to claim money that the victim owed them for past due bills, including the power bill.

Sheriff’s deputies said that both Lawanna and Dean Hendrix admitted to locking the owners of Flying Pig out of the portion of the business that they lease without having a lawful order through the Pahrump Justice Courts to do so.

Both taken into custody and booked into the Nye County Detention Center on the various charges.

Man arrested after alleged domestic abuse incident, waits outside home with gun

A Pahrump man was arrested last week on various charges related to an incident which began with an alleged domestic violence incident.

Larry Semays was taken into custody by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office Sept. 23 and charged with preliminary counts of resisting a peace officer and obstructing a peace officer.

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 3000 block of Utah Street in reference to a domestic battery.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies met with the alleged victim on the corner of Utah and Murphy Streets. The woman said that she and Semays got into a physical altercation after he came home drunk at a late hour.

Upon arriving home, the victim stated that Semays began eating food that he brought home with him.

The victim admitted to provoking the argument that escalated into a fight by yelling at Semays and throwing his food at him, after which Semays began yelling and throwing stuff around the house, the arrest report stated.

The victim then said while she was trying to calm Semays down that she fell to the ground, but she can’t recall if he pushed her or not and that she could have tripped and fallen, police said.

The victim warned sheriff’s deputies that Semays had multiple weapons on the property and that he might use the weapons to keep law enforcement off the premises. In addition, the victim said that Semays was very drunk and did not like cops.

As the deputies approached the home they discovered Semays sitting on a chair in his driveway holding a shotgun, the arrest report said.

Deputies ordered Semays to drop the weapon multiple time and he would respond by saying “no” and “nope” each time, police said. Semays also told deputies that he was not going to put his weapon down and that he did not want them on his property.

Deputies then reached Semays by phone and were able to talk him into placing his shotgun on the ground, after which deputies were able to approach him and continue their investigation.

Semays told police that the victim “went off” when he arrived home late, and mentioned that she threw his food in his face. He also said the he had put his hands up in front of his face in defense. Deputies saw fresh blood marks on his arms, which were consistent with defensive marks.

Semays said he did not know how the victim fell down and stated that he was just trying to calm her down, but admitted throwing some of her stuff around the bedroom and out the window.

Semays was told that he was under arrest, which he responded to the deputy by saying, “this is bullshit,” and refused to stand up from his chair, police said.

The arrest report says Semays then stood up handed a deputy an empty beer can and ran away from them.

A pair of deputies were able to catch Semays after a short foot chase. When trying to place handcuffs on Semays, deputies said that he was tense and trying to break free. Deputies got Semays to the ground where they were able to gain control of him and placed him under arrest.

Semays was transported to the Nye County Detention Center and booked on the pair of charges without further incident.

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