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Divas on a Dime hopes to kickstart TV show

Patti Diamond and Bob Lauder founded Divas on a Dime in 2009 after many of Diamond’s friends found themselves tight on money as a result of the recession.

Now, the duo is using a program called Kickstarter to bring the “frugal yet fabulous” model to fruition on the air waves. Kickstarter is a crowd-based, online funding program which is open to people all over the world who need help getting a project started.

The program would air online on the website, divasonadime.com, many social media outlets and on local station KPVM.

The goal through Kickstarter is lofty at $15,000 by 6:47 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 9. Patti Diamond is passionate about the project and said, “If we don’t reach that amount, number one, we get none of the donations and number two, we can’t produce the TV show on our own.”

Should the goal not be reached, donations will be deemed pending and basically drop off as a charge to credit cards and be refunded.

There is more at stake than a television show. Diamond has written a cookbook she needs to publish. “The cookbook will be for sale on a buy-one-and-donate a free copy to those who could really learn how to make the most of their resources,” Diamond said.

Organized around saving money through weekly meal planning, “Cheap Eats” is a cookbook filled with delicious, nutritious, easy recipes using only inexpensive ingredients; it will be published by Divas on a Dime – depending on the Kickstarter goal – in March.

For their Kickstarter campaign, Divas on a Dime has partnered with Three Square Food Bank, whose mission is to provide wholesome food to hungry people while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community, as well as Path of Hope, a food distribution program in Pahrump. The organizations and those they serve will be the recipients of all books donated via pledges of $35 or more.

“We’re passionate about good food and saving money,” Diamond said. “But we’re also passionate about our belief that everyone should have good food accessible to them every day. In our experience, those who are the recipients of food through food banks don’t always know what to do with it. They don’t know how to make the most of the food they receive or how to cook it so it tastes good.

“I’ve been broke before,” Diamond said. “I know what it feels like, and I know I can help. I made it my mission in life to research and write about the cheapest way to do practically everything.”

The cookbook is also tied to the Kickstarter program. Pledge amounts for the Divas TV show begin at $5 and include multiple reward options. Pledges of $35 or more provide backers – as well as someone in need through the Divas’ “get one, donate one” model – with a copy of the Divas’ cookbook, “Cheap Eats.”

Diva Patti has spent the past five years showing divas of all ages how to do everything for less money. From creating flooring with paper bags, to cooking a meal for four at a cost of $4 total, Diamond has written about it on her website, divasonadime.com, and in newspaper columns, including her weekly column in the community section of Friday’s PVT.

But while the written word is a great way to share information, a TV show can be more engaging and better allow the audience to visualize what’s being instructed.

“Anyone who likes to save money will benefit from this show,” said Diamond, who has previously worked as an entertainer, editor-in-chief for a lifestyle magazine, and more.

Those in the United States pledging $2,500 or more will, among other benefits, receive a visit from Diamond and Lauder, who will cook and serve an agreed-upon meal for the backer and a small group of his/her family or friends.

To read more about Divas on a Dime’s Divas on a Dime TV show Kickstarter campaign or to help fund it, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/1265027864/divas-on-a-dime-tv or http://kck.st/1Al2aLU.

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