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Horizons Hypnosis offers alternative to traditional treatment

As those with various medical ailments and issues seek additional ways to deal with their issues outside the traditional prescription medicines and counseling sessions, an alternative treatment clinic has begun offering its services in Pahrump.

Horizons Hypnosis, which is located at 2280 Calvada, Suite 106 and opened its doors in May, utilizes clinical hypnosis therapy to help a bevy of physical and mental issues.

The clinic offers aid for those looking to stop smoking, looking to manage physical pain, weight control, building self esteem and confidence and much more.

“We like to say with hypnosis that we help average everyday people, with average everyday problems,” said Daniel Grevich, owner and certified hypnosis consultant.

An average first session lasts about an hour, which begins with a 15-minute talk about how hypnosis works, and the customer decides whether or not the therapy is for them. If the customer chooses to move on, then Grevich will spend 20 minutes relaxing the customer head to toe verbally, relaxing their muscles.

Once a customer is in a calm and peaceful state, or a hypnotic induction, Grevich will do testing to verify they’re in hypnosis. When a customer is, their mind is open to absorb positive suggestions.

Grevich said that some studies show the brain is up to 400 times more susceptible to positive suggestions in a hypnotic state when what is being suggested is something the person is open to.

“Their mind absorbs positive suggestions like a sponge,” Grevich said. “That’s the whole reason you want to get someone into a hypnotic trance. Their mind opens up and they can accept a suggestion.”

With a lot of older movies showing hypnosis in a negative way, Grevich said senior-age customers are a little wary of committing to sessions right away.

“A lot of the older population has a lot of fear of hypnosis because all the horror movies that were made in the 40s, 50s and 60s always portrayed hypnosis as something nefarious,” he said.

After their initial consultation, most of the elderly customers’ fears of the process subsides and they usually agree to a session to see how it works, Grevich said.

In his first month in Pahrump Grevich said that there is one type of ailment that he is treating more than others.

“I would say that the biggest thing we do right now is helping people quit smoking,” he said. “There’s certainly a lot more, but that seems to be what I am really busy with right now.”

According to Grevich, the hypnosis service has a very high success rate in helping people curb smoking compared to a popular drug used to do the same.

“Chantix only has a 15 percent to 25 percent success rate and hypnosis has an 85 percent to 90 percent success rate,” he said.

Grevich explained that his customers are generally referred to him by doctors and therapists in the valley, as there is a push to limit the amount of prescription drugs to patients who rely on them.

“There’s a big push by doctors to get their patients off of dangerous drugs wherever possible,” Grevic said. “That’s where hypnosis can come in. We can get people off of nicotine, off of cigarettes, and help people with pain control so they can use less pain killers.”

Grevich is offering his services in town at a lesser rate than he charges over the hump in Las Vegas, as he is aware that there is a lower average household income in Pahrump and a lot of patients are also on fixed incomes.

“Our normal sessions in my office in Vegas are $99 and ever since I opened up here in Pahrump, we have been offering the same service at a reduced price of $40 per session,” he said.

Grevich said that he’ll likely keep that rate at least through the end of the year.

In addition to the lower session rate, for a limited time Grevich is offering new patients a free special hypnosis session. The session won’t deal with a specific problem, it will just introduce customers to how the process works and how hypnosis can elevate one’s mood.

Grevich said that most issues addressed with hypnosis sessions have a much quicker turnaround than an average therapist session.

“With traditional therapists someone can see their therapist once a week for over a year. In hypnosis, whatever your problem is, we’ll have you taken care of in six visits or less,” Grevich said. “If it’s something that’s not fixed within six visits then at that point you should consider an alternative.”

You can reach Daniel Grevich and Horizons Hypnosis by phone at 702-768-1810, by email at info@HorizonsHypnosis.com and by visiting their website, www.horizonshypnosis.com.

Appointments are necessary for Grevich to see any customer, as walk-ins are not accepted.

Contact reporter Mick Akers at makers@pvtimes.com. Follow @mickakers on Twitter.

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