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Letters to the Editor

Reader explains who he thinks the real puppets are

Wow, has Mr. Angle added to the false news being spread by the Trumpers in this country! His letter on Wed. Oct. 13, is wrought with errors, false facts and omissions.

Angle claims CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and the like are not putting the truth out and full of fake news. But the reason so many of you like Fox is because they tell you what you want to hear and that does not always equate to telling the truth. In fact, just the opposite. On a consistent basis, MSNBC out-ranks Fox as the most trusted station. Check TV ratings for the truth.

Stating that Biden is a puppet because he, Biden, sometimes says he was told not to take questions is only half the story – an omission by Angle.

It’s a lot better than hearing the president tell people to “sit down and shut up” when he doesn’t like the question. Biden has done personal press conferences almost every day. His press secretary does pressers every day and sometimes twice a day. The Trump press secretary didn’t have pressers for months at a time and Trump almost never gave a press conference.

When Trump claimed we were energy independent, he was incorrect. In 2020, under the Trump administration, the U.S. imported about 7.86 million barrels per day of petroleum from other countries. So, Mr. Angle’s repeating Trump’s lie that the US. had been “energy-independent” makes you totally wrong – as was Trump.

Mr. Angle’s claim that “1.5 million illegals have come through in the last eight months” could be checked in a few seconds and he would see that “Border officials have APPREHENDED more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants at the southern border through the 2021 fiscal year“ (eight months as of that writing).

To clear it up, statistics from Texas health officials show that Texas residents have a higher rate of Covid-19 than immigrants from Mexico, in part because of Texas Governor Abbott’s removal of the face mask requirement. Texas now has one of the highest rates in the country.

I could go on and on about Mr. Angle’s letter, but I get weary of correcting all the lies, omission and fake news spread by people like him.

It is so easy to check these facts by just using your Google machine to find the state or federal reports and statistics – go to the source. You can even find videos that show exactly when and what people said – that you so often misquote. And you know who the real puppets are? The Trumpers. Why? Because they repeat verbatim whatever they hear from Fox and Trump. You repeat it without researching it or questioning it. By research I mean going to the source, not just any old quote you find on the internet. You don’t use one cell of your brain because Fox/Trump do all your thinking for you. No research, no nothing. Just blindly think what you are told to think. Trumpers might as well have no brain because they sure don’t use it. Your brain is just a Fox/Trump echo chamber – listen, repeat, listen, repeat, listen, repeat. That’s what we call a puppet.

CJ Stevens

How do we know who to trust to give us the correct COVID-19 information?

As the death toll from Covid has increased (19 deaths in the past two weeks) in Pahrump and in Nye County the last few weeks the vaccination rate has eked up to a measly 41% and mask wearing at grocery stores has decreased to 50%.

Apparently, either a good portion of the population is unaware or has accepted the anti-vaxxing rhetoric and are practicing their freedoms as Americans against government and medical tyranny.

Here are links and coronavirus statistics from Nye County (population – 47,000) and Marin County, California (1 death in the past two weeks, population – 260,000, 78% vaccinated). So, who to trust? (1 death in the past two weeks, population – 260,000, 78% vaccinated). So, who to trust?

The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week

By Thomas T. Siler, M.D. Link:


90,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths since June were preventable, Kaiser study reports

Link: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/90000-us-covid-19-deaths-since-june-were-preventable-kaiser-study-reports/MGXJANJNTJEMDFE4BOTGDTFG5I/

George Peretsky

You get your shot, I will just wear my mask, writes a Times reader

B.1.351, B.1.1.7, P.1, B.1.617, N501Y, Delta, Alpha, Gamma, etc. variants were built into the shot, to protect us, in all imaginable ways. But please, consider this. Those who got the shot should still mask for two weeks. They are twice more likely to spread Covid-19 PLUS the variants. Yet they condemn us, who for health reasons, or who simply don’t want the shot, for being spreaders who wantonly caused the resurgence.

If we, the unwashed, are spreaders, we are carrying just good old-fashioned Covid-19. YOU, the lemmings, are spreading all the variants, and you took off your mask too soon … you should at least have worn them one to two weeks after inoculation.

I intend to wear a mask, forever, when in any crowd – supermarkets, casinos, shopping anywhere, or in any groups of more than 10 people. (Hey, they’ve made so many “cute” ones it’s almost a fashion statement.) You take your shots, I’ll wear my masks. Also, I’m accustomed to staying at least two feet away from strangers. What’s not to love?

V.L. Deist

Honest journalism seems to be a thing of the past

On Oct. 1 the DOJ released an audit report on the FBI regarding their submissions to the FISA courts. Most of it was related to the Trump campaign and his presidency. It seems there is a guideline for rules for such investigative agencies to follow to protect U.S. citizens against unjustifiable abuses called the “Woods Procedures”.

It seems there are 209 cases of abuse to these guidelines. This news is another example of how many agencies’ tactics to obscure or minimize such negative reports for protection of what’s rightly been referred to as the “swamp” and those associated with it receive or expect to receive benefits from the swamp.

This seems to be a common theme and reflects much more on leadership, not rank and file. Sadly, there also seems to be little honest journalistic curiosity by the country’s dedicated “watchdogs”, for whatever reason, just accepting their feed narratives with few questions, even ignoring relevant stories.

Another example, on Sept. 23, the president nominated Saule Omarova to be the new “Currency Controller”, who oversees the banking industry in the country. There are some even on the left that are questioning this appointment. Ms. Omarova it seems was a former Soviet Russian citizen, educated there, wrote several supportive articles about the former Soviet system, and seems to believe there should be no such thing as private banking institutions, there should be one central bank under central control.

It’s kinda peculiar how those in the 60s and early 70s who were “down on the man” dictating everything in their lives now seem to have power and want to dictate everyone else’s life!

David Jaronik

Here’s how I think Biden is doing so far: Reader

So here we are. Lunchbox Joe has been in office going on eight months, and it’s been a looooong eight months, hasn’t it?

He’s pulled the U.S. out of Afghanistan and says the U.S.has been in close touch with the Taliban. The U.S. left some armament behind and I’m wondering why? Did he forget it’s OUR Armament? He didn’t forget to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners though. Why did we have to cut and run in such a hurry? Former President Trump had already set a “pull-out” date. Was the date changed because that was President Trump’s date, and by damn, anything that had Trump’s name on it cannot stand?

Things are much better at home though, aren’t they? Not one foot of the wall has been built because President Biden said during the Democratic debates, “If I become the president, not one more foot of wall will be built, and we will welcome all immigrants to the U.S.” Why? “Because that’s who we are!” Really? I always thought the U.S. welcomed immigration and immigrants who followed the rules? Do we now have new rules?

Then he threw Vice President Harris under the bus by sending her to El Paso, Texas (of all places! ) in June to solve the immigration problem, so after she arrived in El Paso and giggled a little, she returned home and decided the problem could only be resolved by determining the “root cause” of the immigration problem! Read “Send money (meaning LOTS of $$$$) to the triad of countries in South America, which are deemed to be the primary cause of the problem. So far she’s done a crackerjack job, as a million-plus illegal aliens (now referred to as “undocumented immigrants) have arrived to become future Democrat voters. Is it possible that when President Biden informed the world he would cancel further wall construction and welcome immigrants “because that’s who we are,” could be the root cause of the immigration problem? Was Uncle Joe on a power trip at the time? On TV he said we had a Covid-19 problem and President Trump had left the Biden administration with one hell of a mess! But once again our president rose to the task, and promised we could all have hamburgers on the Fourth of July! Now THAT’S leadership!

Among one of his more sensible moves was to cancel construction of OUR oil pipeline, and then dropping sanctions on Russia, thereby enabling Russia to continue completion of THEIR underwater oil pipeline to Northern Europe! Who saw that brilliant move coming! The only thing Russia has that can be sold on the open market is various weaponry (A-bombs, Kalisnikofes (the legendary AK-47’s), etc., and now Oil. I can just imagine “The Squad’s” glee when that earth-shaking decision was announced!

Now, all of a sudden our schools are teaching such thought-provoking subjects as “The Woke Theory”, the 1619 Project and “Critical Race Theory”, but I wonder why?

This president MUST believe these subjects are critical and/or appropriate or he would have stopped this nonsense. The teachers’ union doesn’t run the country but apparently it does have the power to decide what gets taught in exchange for votes? Personally, I’ve always admired America’s “Greatest Generation” and many of them were just taught reading, writing and arithmetic before they went off to war and they seemed to do all right, didn’t they? Of course, they weren’t subject to today’s finest left-wing intelligentsia, were they?

I’m not really sure why VP Harris was dispatched to Asia while President Biden showed the world what a brilliant tactician he was as he outmaneuvered the Taliban in Afghanistan. I can only imagine he didn’t want her getting more CNN air time than he was.

Another shining example of Biden’s leadership was the recent firing of Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller. The reason? This career Marine had the gall to demand accountability into the inept planning that resulted in the recent Afghanistan debacle!

Anybody besides me wondering why President Biden didn’t back him up? Was it because Biden (apparently) dismissed advice from his military advisers to keep 2,500 military personnel in the Kabul area to ensure an orderly evacuation?

In the Sept. 10 issue of the Pahrump Valley Times, Mr. Stevens made mention of the numerous village, county, state, governmental and international Investigations and pending lawsuits involving Trump, but for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, he failed to note the two Trump impeachment cases engineered by Pelosi and head Persecutor (NOT Prosecutor) Shiff, both of which were totally without merit (according to Head Prosecutor Mueller) and therefore doomed to fail before they even convened. Of course one of the charges was the ever popular “Quid Pro Quo” between Trump and the Albanian president. Surely Mr. Stevens is aware that President Biden has publicly admitted on national TV when he was vice president that if the Albanian Energy Company investigator wasn’t fired immediately he (Biden) would not release to the Albanian government One billion U.S. dollars that had already been approved? How could he possibly have forgotten to mention that?

I’m obviously not a student of human behavior as many people are but lately I’ve wondered about something that puzzles me. I can accept the theory that the Democrats hope to favorably impress the typical American voter through the execution of their brilliant foreign and domestic policies, and that the Republican Party will then just permanently dissolve. Just seems to me that with the accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise of Biden, VP Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, etc., and with the brilliance of both Schiff and Ocasio-Cortez at their disposal, how can so many things go so wrong? Personally, I have to believe the political party currently in power are screwing things up this badly on purpose (because no one is so stupid as to make this many boo-boo’s by mistake). Do they really hate Trump that much? Or do they just hate America that much?

Ray Waldhauser

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