Meters for new domestic wells on commission agenda for Tuesday

Nye County Commissioners are scheduled to consider a mandate for the installation of meters on all new domestic wells in Pahrump at their meeting Tuesday.

The item appears on the agenda to be discussed at the March 17 Nye County Board of County Commissioners meeting. The topic has been hotly debated in recent months by both the Nye County Water District and the Groundwater Committee for Pahrump Basin 162.

The metering of new domestic wells, was settled upon as a priority item, to be incorporated into a groundwater management plan to address a projected water shortage due to declining aquifer levels and an over-allocation of water rights in the basin.

Many residents have spoken out against the measure, citing various reasons which include the move acting as a spring-board to stringent rationing of water.

The commission will also take corrective action to prevent future overspending in any county department. The county was cited by state auditors, following the audit for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 for overspending in the general fund and the Gabbs and Manhattan Utility Funds.

Nye County was also cited for overspending the public safety budget by $478,137 and the general government budget by $68,710. The room tax budget line item was over-expended by $30,697 while impact fees representing payments to the town of Pahrump were over-expended by $4,228.

Nye County asserts in documentation that it has remedied the situation with the purchase of equipment and technology.

The county will also consider approving a payment plan from Commissioner Donna Cox, following a District Court judgment levied against her, in favor of Nye County in the amount of $3,098.65. The judgment stems from a case lodged by Citizens for a Safe Community in 2009.

Other non-inclusive items schedule to be heard include:

• A presentation on business licenses and tourism and marketing will be made.

• The Nye County Sheriff’s Office will outline a plan for safety sales tax spending.

The meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at Commission Chambers, located at 2100 E. Walt Williams Drive, Pahrump.