More than 1,000 enjoy Easter in Pahrump’s Petrack Park

Organizers for Pahrump’s Community Easter celebration estimate that more than 1,000 residents visited Petrack Park on Saturday.

The free event provided hamburgers, hot dogs and entertainment for park-goers.

NyE Communities Coalition’s communications specialist April Jackson said the new venue was a perfect fit for the annual event.

“Overall, it was very successful and we found that holding it at Petrack Park as opposed to Ian Deutch Memorial Park was much better as far as space was concerned,” she said. “We were able to spread out more and there were a lot of people who joined us in the park.”

Unlike the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, where kids of all ages are unleashed at the same time to seek out their prized eggs, Jackson said organizers opted for an “Egg Scramble,” at the park, which seemed to suit the kids just fine.

“The kids were all very happy,” she said. “We did an egg scramble for each table of vendors that were out there. We provided the vendors with eggs that were filled with little goodies.

HealthCare Partners filled all of the eggs for us this year which amounted to more than 3,000 eggs. The vendors had to fill their bags up pretty regularly with eggs because they were all running out. We’re assuming we had over 1,000 people in the park. It was very successful, and we are very happy.”

To build on that apparent success, Jackson said organizers will meet to talk about next year’s event.

“We will have a meeting coming up to discuss whether we will continue to hold the Easter Community celebration at Petrack Park.”

Jackson lamented about an incident that occurred on the grounds involving the popular “Kiddie Train” ride, which apparently experienced a mishap on the park grounds.

“One of the cars on the kiddie train got a flat tire,” he said. “When one car tipped over, the rest went with it. There were no serious injuries and the Red Cross came over to render first aid. It was very convenient because they were one of the vendors in the park that day. The parents said that they were OK and were going to be fine.”

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