Mountain Falls planning to add 330 homes around golf course

The developer of one of Pahrump’s largest master plan communities is laying the groundwork to build additional homes.

William Lyon Homes, the Newport Beach, California-based developer of Mountain Falls, took the first step toward adding more houses to the fastest growing subdivision in town.

The Pahrump Regional Planning Commission approved on Jan. 11 a tentative map application for a subdivision containing 103 residential lots on an approximately 21.79-acre site and tentative map application for a subdivision containing 226 residential lots on approximately 50.25 acres.

Both subject properties are located within the Mountain Falls Master Planned Community, and subject to a development agreement between Nye County and Mountain Falls Acquisition Corp., that is in effect until Dec. 31, 2030.

The subdivisions are being marketed as a gated and “age-qualified community” with a proposed residents’ facility, according to the documents.

“We worked with the folks at William Lyon Homes and Taney Engineering and came up with the tentative design map,” said Cheryl Beeman, Nye County principal planner.

Planning Area 4C is located along Mountain Falls Parkway and is bordered by East Cassero Road on the east.

Beeman said the tentative map for planning area 4C contained additional parking for the proposed areas to accommodate the no on-street parking.

“We felt that with the two-car garage, parking on a driveway, and then these couple of additional parking spaces, there would be sufficient parking,” Beeman said.

Planning area 6 is located within a master planned golf course community.

“This proposed subdivision is I guess unique for what we have,” Beeman said. “What they’ve done is interspersed a lot of open space throughout the houses and clustered them along the T intersections, et cetera, trying to open it up to the golf course area, providing somewhat a unique design (rather) than what we’ve seen in the past.”

In addition, officials approved 75 names for private streets within residential subdivision Mountain Falls planning areas 4C and 6 out of which William Lyon Homes can choose over 40 names.

“There are 75 street names available for use that were submitted and of these (streets), planning area 4C requires 11 street names and planning area 6 requires 23 street names,” Beeman said.

Terry Conway, of William Lyon Homes that is developing Mountain Falls, said the firm is trying to create a new “desert modern,” “desert contemporary,” and “desert prairie” theme in the subdivision.

“What we are doing with this community is we are trying to cover a broad range of buyer profiles, so what we are trying to do is deviate from the Italian Tuscan theme that’s out there right now to go to a more desert contemporary (theme),” Conway said.

Prior to submittal of a final subdivision or final large parcels map, or upon initial application of a parcel map, the developer shall submit a written request to reserve any required new street names, according to the documents.

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