Online marketing can grow your business

The world and the way owners market their businesses, large or small, has taken a giant leap into technology. Those who don’t embrace the advantages of using the widespread reach of the internet to promote their income opportunities could be missing out.

Cheryl Thode with All About Marketing Solutions has expanded her contact area to Pahrump from her home in Henderson and is offering to teach locals how to use social media like Facebook and Constant Contact to put their business in front of the public.

Thode graduated with a degree in psychology, which she said, “proves to be valuable when I am helping clients identify their target markets and implementing effective marketing strategy.”

She said her marketing career at IBM Corp provided a solid foundation of business experience as well.

Thode has always been an educator in some aspect of the business world teaching classes on computers at her business All About Computers, where her expertise in Microsoft products had her teaching area executives to utilize those tools effectively.

When the economy took a dive in 2007, she said “We were all in store for a paradigm shift in how to market and manage our business. Businesses today, in order to survive, need to present their products, services and uniqueness with digital tools.” It is the platform of the present and the future for making a business grow.

All About Marketing Solutions provides consulting focused on engagement marketing by teaching business owners how to deliver an amazing customer experience, something customers want to tell their friends. She added, “You want to reach out using email and social networks to stay connected. Engagement marketing builds relationships that encourage repeat business and referrals.” In a nutshell, it’s word-of-mouth marketing.

“It’s your current customers telling their friends, family and colleagues about their experience with your business. Traditionally, we share news, stories and referrals over the back fence, in line at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, over the phone – any place we connect. Now, with social media we have more places to connect,” Thode said.

Business owners who utilize the internet find themselves sharing news, posting photos and voicing opinions in a public forum or through email.

“Are you connected with your customers on the social channels? If someone searches for you online what will they find?” Thode said email combined with social media is the most cost-effective, targeted and efficient way to build and maintain relationships in all types of organizations.”

All About Marketing Solutions offers a service which will do the marketing for you. More important, in order to understand how social media marketing and email marketing works, Thode offers free classes on the subject.

“We believe in hands-on training and one-to-one coaching for businesses who want to learn how to apply proven techniques for themselves.”

Some of the topics covered in her seminars include, web marketing trends, email and social media marketing, applying the advantages of current networking sites, tips and strategies, how to run a campaign on existing networks, measuring success and numerous other advantages of joining the technology generation.

Thode said, “These seminars and presentations aren’t just for businesses, they are for non-profits as well. We can teach them how to reach donors, gain access to grant opportunities, keep their donators and other things.

You can get more information and possibly host a presentation seminar by calling Thode at 702-525-0579 or email for additional information.

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