Pahrump bus service seeking letters of support

The Pahrump Valley Public Transportation system, more commonly known as the PVPT, is a brand new demand-response bus service operated through the use of grant as well as donation funding and it is now preparing for its next grant cycle.

The PVPT is being operated by the Pahrump Senior Center, which last year secured a Nevada Department of Transportation grant that allowed it to expand its senior service to accommodate all passengers in the Pahrump Valley. PVPT operators are turning to the community for assistance in evidencing the value and necessity of the service in the coming grant cycle.

Residents and businesses all across the valley have the opportunity to play a vital role in the process by penning letters of support to accompany the grant application and, if they are financially able, making a monetary commitment to aid with the required grant matching funds.

With the April 16 application submission deadline only one month away, those willing to lend a hand are asked to submit their letters of support and financial pledges no later than April 9.

“We are still looking for letters of support from everyone so that we can demonstrate just how valuable this service is for our community,” Pahrump Senior Center/PVPT Transportation Supervisor Eric Whalen said in an interview. “They need to basically express how vital this is for the community, things of that nature. And of course, the more letters there are, the better.”

It is not just residents that can help the PVPT with letters of support either.

Whalen said there is a definite benefit from the bus service for the businesses in Pahrump, as well, so he was optimistic that those businesses would show their support.“We have been doing a lot of transportation for employees around town, taking people to their jobs,” he stated. “We’d like letters of support from everyone, not only the private sector but from businesses too. That would be extremely helpful.”

In addition to a statement of support, those who can contribute cash can also commit a specific dollar amount to the PVPT in their letter. This will help to pay the matching grant funds, which Whalen noted would be roughly one-third of the grant amount. Anyone wishing to provide financial assistance can submit a promissory note that states they are committing a certain amount which will be paid at the start of the grant cycle year. One-time donations are also always accepted.

Whalen said that any form of support would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way toward showing NDOT that the PVPT is a valuable part of the community.

The amount of grant funding to be sought in the fiscal year 2019 grant cycle has not yet been nailed down, as it fluctuates based on many factors. However, Whalen did disclose that he anticipated the amount to be significantly higher than last year, as the service is already blossoming and requiring more to operate.

“That is due to the fact that we are operating three buses now and we are having weekend staff,” Whalen said.

Letters of support and financial commitments can be submitted via email at or directly to the Pahrump Senior Center, located at 1370 W. Basin Ave. in Pahrump.

For more information contact the PVPT at 775-751-6860.

Contact reporter Robin Hebrock at On Twitter: @pvtimes

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