Pahrump woman who made false claim arrested

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office is strongly refuting the claims of a Pahrump woman arrested on several charges.

The woman, identified as Sharon Dakota Johnson, 60, claimed Sheriff’s Office Lt. David Boruchowitz caused bruising and other injuries during a law enforcement encounter at the Best Western RV Park late last month.

In a news release, Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Adam Tippetts said that though the agency takes such allegations very seriously, they will not tolerate blatant lies against its staff.

He also noted that Lt. Boruchowitz was not on duty at the time Johnson made the allegations.

“Thankfully, because Sheriff Sharon Wehrly outfitted all staff with body cameras, we have firsthand video of all public encounters,” Tippetts noted. “In this instance, Lieutenant David Boruchowitz was not on scene, and also, was not even on duty.”

Body camera footage actually captures the 8 p.m. encounter at the RV park on Sept. 29, when a deputy responded to a domestic battery dispatch.

The clip shows Johnson exiting her residence when deputies first arrived.

Additionally, the footage also shows Johnson with what appeared to be bruises already visible, prior to speaking to responding deputies, sans Boruchowitz.

“He just knocked me as hard as he could in the head in the floor,” (sic). “He’s beating me up. Please help me,” Johnson was heard telling a female deputy.

Tippetts went on to say that though a battery had taken place at the site, it did not meet the criteria of domestic violence.

“During the investigation, Johnson was uncooperative with deputies,” Tippetts noted. “When medics attempted to examine her for injuries, she attempted to kick the medics.”

Because the alleged victim at the site was older than 60 years of age, Tippetts said Johnson was arrested for abuse of an older person.

“Johnson also resisted when deputies attempted to take her into custody,” he noted. “Johnson was charged with battery, abuse of an older person, and resisting arrest.”

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