Request for child care permit continued despite neighbors’ objections

A request for a conditional use permit for a child care facility in a Pahrump single-family residence, coupled with a waiver for the required driveway, was continued despite some of the nearby residents’ objections.

The Pahrump Regional Planning Commission approved a request for continuation for 60 days at the meeting on Wednesday.

Nye County Principal Planner Cheryl Beeman said staff recommends the approval of both requests.

“Right now, they are hoping to have up to 12 children, but the applicant wasn’t able to have her meeting with the state to find out more specific details about the operation of the day care at her home,” Beeman said.

The facility will operate under state regulations and applicable building and fire codes, according to the documents.

The applicant, Jacqueline Lawson, didn’t attend the meeting.

In her letter to the commission, Lawson said her plan is to provide “the best care possible” for the children in the community.

“Our local parents have been struggling to find adequate licensed child care within our community since the closure of Child’s Play, PELA, and now Too Bee Busy,” Lawson said in a letter.

The proposed facility is a single-family residence located within the Village Residential zoning district of Pahrump and will accommodate up to 12 children.

Additionally, Lawson requested a waiver for a required paved circular driveway that should be located a minimum of 30 feet from the entrance of the facility.

In her letter, she said that the property has a long, wide driveway and she isn’t able to put in a circular driveway. She also said the paved area in front of the house can accommodate three vehicles and allow parents to drop off and pick up their children safely.

Officials received a couple of letters of protest, Beeman said.

Patty Grubbs, one of the neighbors, said she was opposed. She said the facility doesn’t have enough space to accommodate 12 children.

“I think if you look at the property and you look at the yard, there’s not enough room for 12 children,” Grubbs said. “It’s a small yard, it’s a lot smaller than mine. They are going to have to keep the children inside.”

“I do not think that it’s a good spot for a day care center. I agree, we do need some in Pahrump. I do not think this is a great spot for it.”

Lawson said in a letter that the residence has a separate fenced entrance on the side. She also said there’s a “completely block wall fenced-in backyard for children to have outdoor playtime at least one time per day between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.”

“I will provide daily curriculum for the children to help give them a head start toward their education,” Lawson said.

The item is currently scheduled for a December meeting.

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