Sheriff won’t confirm Odom’s toxicology results

New details in the Lamar Odom situation at the Love Ranch South in Crystal have surfaced and it appears likely that the former NBA champion and reality show star was under the influence of illegal drugs when he was discovered unconscious at the brothel.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ reported Monday that the Nye County Sheriff’s Office had gotten the blood results back from blood drawn from Odom while he was at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, and that his blood tested positive for cocaine.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the toxicology results have been received in the Odom case by their department Tuesday, but were mum on any further details and wouldn’t confirm the reported positive test for cocaine.

In the brief statement released by Sgt. David Boruchowitz of the sheriff’s office, he stated that due to the active nature of the investigation, no further details would be immediately provided.

“Upon completion of the investigation, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office will submit the results and the investigatory report to the Nye County District Attorney’s office, as is customary in all cases that the Nye County Sheriff’s Office investigates,” Boruchowitz said. “The Nye County Sheriff’s Office will not be releasing the results or any additional information until such time as the Nye County District Attorney decides to do so as it is part of an ongoing investigation/prosecution.”

On Thursday evening the New York Daily News revealed the findings of a search warrant affidavit that was made by Nye County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Eisenloffel pertaining to the Odom case. The search warrant was used to obtain the blood sample that was taken at a Las Vegas hospital shortly after Odom was admitted there on Oct.13.

Eisenloffel explained in the phone request for the search warrant that the evidence sought was justified due to various statements made by those who found Odom unresponsive.

“Through interviews with the prostitutes who were with him since that point, it was learned that he possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom adjoining the bedroom in which the prostitutes were located along with Mr. Odom. They indicated that they heard him snorting,” Eisenloffel said in the sworn affidavit. “They indicated that they had vague knowledge of him using illegal narcotics.”

There is no word on if any charges will be brought against anyone involved in the situation, but Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said at a press conference on Oct.14 that it was possible that either Odom or the Love Ranch could face legal action if evidence of a crime presented itself in their investigation.

The former NBA player and the husband of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Oct. 13 from the Love Ranch, which is located nearly 20 miles north of Pahrump. His four-day stay there ended abruptly when he was found unresponsive in his VIP suite.

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