Shortcutting met with citations in roundabout work zone

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office has an important message for motorists trying to access Highway 372 from Pahrump Valley Boulevard.

Cutting through the parking lot of Big O Tires is a big no-no.

As construction continues on the roundabout project at that location, drivers are being cited for disregarding traffic control devices.

Those devices are numerous signs indicating alternate routes for commuters.

Deputy Joe McGill said dozens of citations have been issued to drivers using the Big O Tires parking lot to get to Highway 372, in the past two weeks.

The penalty is $120.

The citations, McGill said, are done on a case-by-case basis, as deputies are also issuing warnings as well.

“We have had concerns from the owner of Big O Tires about people driving through their property to access Highway 372,” McGill said. “Our concern is the heavy traffic volume driving through that parking lot is going to create a fender-bender, or in auto-pedestrian accident. In the last two weeks, I would estimate that we have probably written about 70 to 80 citations for driving through the Big O parking lot.”

Another business along Highway 372 is experiencing the same problem McGill said, as drivers on Blagg Road are cutting through the Shell gas station as well as the Comstock Park community to access Highway 372.

There are signs designating detours and business access at both intersections.

McGill said drivers can take Pahrump Valley Boulevard to Honeysuckle Street and on to Dandelion Street where they can access Highway 160 northbound to Highway 372 past Ian Deutch Park.

The speed limit along Honeysuckle Street at that location is just 15 mph.

McGill noted that the sheriff’s office wants to educate drivers.

“There are several signs along Pahrump Valley Boulevard but people are disregarding those signs,” he said. “Some people are telling me that they are confused and don’t know what else to do. We also tell them to just use an alternate route because there are signs posted designating which way they can go.”

Deputies have also issued citations for speeders in the roundabout construction zones.

“While approaching and leaving the roundabout that is open for traffic, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour in that area,” he said. “The speed limit through the roundabout is 15 miles per hour. People need to be concerned about their speed and be aware of how fast they are going.”

Construction of the roundabout project at Pahrump Valley Boulevard is expected to run through late spring of this year.

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