Students receive recognition for top AP academic performance

The Nye County School District Board of Trustees recognized the individual academic achievements of several students during last Tuesday’s regular meeting.

One student, Timothy Boseck, earned a perfect score on his Advance Placement calculus exam.

Boseck’s mother Stephanie said her son, a senior at Pahrump Valley High School, is a natural-born mathematician.

“He is doing college work in high school so this is a really big deal,” she said. “He received a five score on the AP calculus test and five is the highest you can get. I am totally proud of Timothy. He’s awesome and I can talk about him forever.”

Superintendent Dale Norton said he routinely looks forward to the post-summer break board meetings to learn how the students have progressed in their academics.

“I always enjoy the August board meeting where we can put high-level academic scholars in front of the board of trustees,” he said. “All the students have put a lot into their high school education and obviously have gotten a lot back from it. It was great to see a perfect score on the AP calculus exam. These students are and will continue to be a success.”

Other students who received recognition by trustees were Derek C. Moore, who earned three perfect AP scores and Allista Ward, an AP scholar with honors, who earned two perfect scores.

Thomas Gascoigne, Jr., also an AP scholar, was recently accepted to the West Point Military Academy.

Also recognized was Nye County Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Tom Metscher for his help with the school’s summer program.

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