When you thought it couldn’t get any bigger

The Big Dick’s Pizza sign has come down at its former location at 1061 Gamebird Road after three years. But not to worry, Mike Cappa, owner of Big Dick’s, just moved to a new location at 3971 E. Kellogg Road.

The move is sudden, but to Cappa, size does matter, so when the offer to go into a bigger place came along it was a no-brainer for him.

“I got this opportunity to run a bar and a restaurant and I jumped on it,” Cappa said.

The move to a bigger place means Cappa’s clients get an expanded menu.

“I now have a bigger kitchen and it’s also a full kitchen, which means more items on the menu,” he said. “The Coyote’s Den menu gives me a chance to go back to being a chef and not just cooking pizza. We have already made changes to the menu at the Coyote’s Den. The portions are bigger and we have tweaked some of the recipes.”

People tend to forget that Cappa is a chef and not just a pizza king. He has been doing pizza with Big Dick’s for the past three years, but what people don’t realize is he went to culinary school and had worked in the restaurant business for nearly 40 years of his life.

Cappa said the place also comes with a lounge and big screen TV.

“We will be getting a liquor license and a gaming license,” Cappa said.

Although Big Dick’s Pizza is moving into the Coyote’s Den, the name won’t change just yet.

“We will bring some banners to let people know we are here,” Cappa said. “But the name will remain the same for a while.”

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