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2 letters to the editor

Send nuclear waste to space instead of Nevada

Nye County Commission Chairman Dan Schinhofen is clearly on the wrong page in his desire to resurrect Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste dump.

Fortunately, the best interests of Nevada residents are represented by our congressional delegation as well as Governor Sandoval, in their unwavering opposition to such a plan.

Meanwhile, nuclear waste continues to accumulate and the problem must be dealt with before some of the country begin to suffer the consequences of radiation exposure. To satisfy everyone’s environmental concerns will demand bold vision.

Scientists, engineers and technicians around the world are very good at thinking outside the box, so let’s hope the experts will be given free reign.

This troubling issue is by no means exclusive to the United States. Every nation on the planet that generates nuclear power must confront the problem of waste disposal, which can and should drive international cooperation to seek efficient methods for handling such hazardous material. Why not bring the matter before the UN General Assembly and seek input?

Personally, I would opt for establishing a holding station somewhere in the Pacific, a place where all nuclear waste could be stored temporarily. Scheduled launches of a technically advanced space shuttle could lift the waste into low Earth orbit where it would be loaded onto expendable carriers, then propelled on a final journey to the Sun. The concept is feasible and cost sharing among international partners could make it doable.

Finally, it is encouraging to learn from various sources that Pahrump Valley is on the cusp of an economic boom in terms of general business activity and ideas to spur tourism. As greater prosperity arrives, there would never be the slightest justification for Nye County to become America’s landfill for radioactive garbage.

Ralph Bazan

Desert Haven thank you for successful sale

On behalf of Desert Haven Animal Society, I want to thank the generous supporters that donated an amazing amount of goods for the shelter yard sale held April 21 and 22. Thanks also to the many shoppers who purchased these treasures and also gave generous money donations. The sale was a very successful fundraising event.

Desert Haven Animal Society is a non-profit, no-kill shelter. It takes a large amount of dedicated volunteers and staff to ensure the well-being of the animals in our care and to find them forever homes.

A sincere thank you to the volunteers that helped before, during, and after the sale. Your hard work is appreciated.

Our heartfelt thanks to the many businesses that contributed to our success: VIP Mini Storage, Quality Signs, Pahrump Rentals, Secret Sisters, KNYE Radio, Over the Hump Magazine, KPVM TV 46, The Pahrump Valley Times and The Mirror.

Roxanne Marchand

shelter manager

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