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CEO: VEA committed to highest level of transparency

An advertisement published in the Pahrump Valley Times on Wednesday incorrectly suggests that management and the Board of Directors of Valley Electric Association (VEA) have not been forthcoming about the sale of the high-voltage transmission system.

The ad also asks why VEA is rushing the vote?

In fact, VEA first reported the possibility of the sale to all member-owners in the June issue of the Ruralite magazine, more than two-and-a-half months before the first offer was received.

Subsequently, the details of the sale have been reported extensively in the Ruralite and other publications throughout the service area. Interviews have been conducted on TV and radio stations.

Public meetings were held in Pahrump, Fish Lake Valley, Sandy Valley and Amargosa Valley.

Information displays were set up at high-traffic areas in Pahrump, including the Fall Festival, Walmart, Smith’s and at the Valley Electric Association office.

We have promoted the details of the sale in advertisements and on social media, directing members to our website, where all issues are addressed in a comprehensive question-and-answer format.

VEA will continue to be forthcoming on the sale with our member-owners. We are committed to the highest level of transparency, a principle that the writer(s) of the unsigned ad in the PVT are not.

Thomas H. Husted is CEO of Valley Electric Association, Inc.

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