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COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: Assessor’s candidate sets the record straight

Hello, I am Sheree Stringer, Candidate for Nye County Assessor.

I would like to address some rumors that Shirley Matson is generating, for instance, the rumor that properties will be assessed every four months. This is totally false and created to cause fear within the voters.

Fact: Property in Nevada is required to be reappraised (revalued) at least once every five years, NRS 361.260 (6). Between reappraisal years, the improvement values are adjusted each year by factors approved by the Nevada Tax Commission.

Improvement factors are developed by the State of Nevada Department of Taxation. Additional appraisals may occur when improvements are added, new structures are built or because of use or zoning changes. Currently all Nevada county assessors value land annually and land factors are not required.

Regarding my Certifications:

As the Personal Property Appraiser in Nye County, my duties include finding new businesses in Nye County, whether from ads on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet, social media, or word of mouth. Yes I send declarations to new and existing businesses. I gather and input the data. I send out Personal Property bills.

I also collect and input data on aircrafts, billboards, cell towers and now that the Department of Taxation has given the Assessor’s offices all the utility and telephone companies, preparing those accounts are also part of my duties. I am also the only collection agent in Nye County, when businesses and mobile homes do not pay their taxes.

I want to assure the voters of Nye County, that my Certifications and job description are not the “brainchild” of any past Assessor; I have taken great pride in achieving that position, what the position entails; the education, continuing and maintaining education and the performance of my duties as they are described above.

Regarding, the FBI investigation of Shirley Matson; I never saw Shirley Matson take the envelope from the mail bin. Another employee came to me and stated that she witnessed Shirley Matson remove the envelope from the outgoing mail bin and asked what she should do.

My response was that she should call the last couple of departments that had been in the office posting their mail. She did this and discovered it was the Human Resources Department’s mail that had been removed. I have no idea who called the FBI.

I was instructed by Human Resources to wait after work and to give a statement to the FBI as to what I knew. That was the extent of my involvement. Shirley Matson has never asked me what happened; she just accused me of something I had nothing to do with.

From the beginning I have encouraged the voters of Nye County to be well informed.

Please feel free to contact the Department of Taxation and verify my Certifications in both General and as a Personal Property Appraiser at (775) 684-2018.

If you have questions regarding your assessments, stop by the office and talk with your appraiser, or call the Assessor’s office at (775) 751-7060.

Our office has always been open and available for any concerns from the public.

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