COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: Rally was Pahrump’s two-wheel turkey

The recent biker rally at Petrack Park in the Town of Pahrump was a real two-wheel turkey.

The town of Pahrump will have spent “just shy of $50,000,” according to Susan Holecheck at the conclusion of the event.

The town board spent months before the event discussing how much to spend on the event which was intended to be a big economic boost for businesses in Pahrump and an event to make Pahrump a prominent biker rally venue.

The town board also discussed at length how to organize the event with Roadshows, Inc., owned and operated by the promoter, Randy Burke.

When the town board was informed that a special events committee already existed for this purpose, the town board and the town manager expressed complete surprise and ceased planning.

The town signed the contract for the event with the promoter that made the town sponsor responsible for payment to the promoter and the promise to furnish all security, parking facility to attendants and all facilities including the community center which usually rents for over $1,000 per event plus more money for additional days.

In addition to the prestige the Town of Pahrump would gain, tourism would benefit.

The promoter proposed a very large turnout that would be well organized, include activities for non-bikers, reward local businesses and event vendors with a large benefit and set the stage for bigger and better events in the future.

Well, the event didn’t live up to any of the promoter’s promises.

The fact that so few bikers even showed up made it nearly impossible to have any law enforcement problems but the entire weekend event raises many questions.

1. Why was the Town of Pahrump the $50,000 sponsor when the promoter called it “Spring Mountain Run”? What negative effect will the failure have on the town’s reputation?

2. Why did the promoter call it that when the only run was to Death Valley – not Spring Mountain?

3. Why did the town assume all costs and liabilities? Who wrote the contract? What guarantees were provided by the promoter? Who provided liability insurance off and on town property?

4. Why was the higher paid tourism official noticeably absent from planning and event coordination?

5. Who sponsored the poker run? Why was no one at Sheri’s Ranch for cards? What prizes were offered/rewarded? Who paid?

6. What were the real costs to the town? No revenue from community center, Petrack Park, parking or sponsor share from promoter?

In view of the shallow attendance, the inaugural event should be the final event as well. The hotels and restaurants and the event vendors had little or no revenue so they won’t ask for a repeat.

The Town of Pahrump spent good money for a loss and cannot consider another turkey. The sheriff’s office won’t have to worry about law enforcement problems or payment/cost problems.

One last item: Harley Kulkin brought us this turkey through his friendship with the promoter, Randy Burke.

Aren’t you glad we won’t have a town board starting January 2015?

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