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Emperor Sisolak spoke to his subjects on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. and gave them the good news. Starting on Monday limits on occupancy will be raised to 35% and (if we are good boys and girls) on March 15, a full year after he told us it would only be two weeks of shutdowns, he will “allow” 50%.

If you did not know that all of his directives have been arbitrary and capricious, this should do it. While he continues to tell us this is for our own good, and that he is “following the science,” I have to ask: “What kind of science are you referring to?”

From the start of this “Panic-Demic” I have asked for the numbers. How fatal is this virus? Something you think they would be reporting, but all they have reported on is how many deaths “from or with COVID” they recorded, and of course how many people have tested positive. Why is it they have not reported your chance of getting it, or what the chance of dying from it is, if you even get it.

When this virus was first reported as being in America (we now know it was at least a month earlier), they were not sure if it was as deadly as SARs or MERs, which the CDC showed as being 10 and 30% fatal. Because of that, I did not balk too much at a two-week shutdown. They knew early on it spread easily, but since this started, we now know that the fatality rate ranges from 0.0001% to 0.04% (increasing with age).

School aged children, we now know, die at a higher rate from the seasonal flu, and yet these same people that are telling us we need to listen to the experts and follow the science, have continued to keep children out of school. When it comes to following the science the teacher’s union has more clout. Apparently, our elected officials do not run the schools the union does.

Why in the world our elected officials have not rebelled by now is a mystery to me. First off, let’s look at the oath they all take to defend the constitution. Under that, we are a republic, NOT a dictatorship. Yes, they did allow the governor or legislature to call a state of emergency, but this emergency should have been over the minute they found out the fatality rate was not 30 or even 10%.

The deaths reported are, even by the CDC’s own admission, inflated. 80% of those that died were over 65 years of age. Of those, more than half were over 80 and already in god’s waiting room, also known as hospice or nursing homes.

We know that deaths of despair and addictions have gone through the roof along with spousal abuse, but don’t let those numbers confuse you because “people are dying.” That has been the mantra for nearly a year now, and guess what, people die. Does that seem callous to you? Well, I am sorry, but no lives have been saved by killing the economy, taking away people’s livelihood, and closing businesses, some for good. Many lives have been lost or ruined, and there are numbers to prove that, but no study shows lives saved from these draconian measures.

Even with the inflated death numbers, the actual chance of getting this virus is low, and the chance of dying even lower. 95% of people that do get it have mild symptoms, and hospitals, that have had months and months to prepare, are only crowded because the media, and certain government officials, continue the hysteria that this is a “deadly disease.” The deadly part of this has been these arbitrary and capricious rules set down by elected officials under the guise of caring about your health and safety. Never mind your freedom.

This has gone on for far too long with very little push back. Some rural counties have passed resolutions to try and get our state legislature to lift these asinine directives, but so far, it seems the Democrat controlled legislature seems fine with having Little Cesar Sisolak decide everything for them, which makes me ask, “why do we even need them?”

When I was in office, I wanted to use the slogan, “Nye County, Open for Business.” I now honestly believe that Emperor Sisolak should just put up a sign at our state lines saying “Closed,” as 60% of small businesses will not recover from these dictates he has forced down our throats.

While some elected officials have said that this “lifting or restrictions” is a good sign, I say it just points out how stupid they have all been by not just standing up sooner and telling the Emperor, “HELL NO!”

Let me help you out. The NRS that gave him the power to call an emergency also states that any property the state takes during the emergency must be compensated if it lasts longer than 90 days. The class action lawsuit by all the casinos should be enough to make the Emperor finally step down, but they are all afraid that he will retaliate by taking their gaming licenses. Be brave, your lawyers can make mince meat out of Arron Ford and his staff.

And to all the local county officials across the State that are still afraid the Emperor may be mad at you and not give you money, I say, live up to your oath of office and take back this republic before there is nothing left to save. Are you really willing to wait another month to be allowed 50% occupancy? How many of your local businesses can survive another month or six months of lockdowns and directives? How much more evidence do you need before you stand up for the people that elected you?

Even the CDC and WHO say children should be in school, and the WHO says lockdowns do not work, and yet we applaud the Emperor for “allowing us” to use half of our business, or 35% until March 15. Again, what science tells him 35% now and 50% March 15?

This madness must end NOW!!! The Emperor has no cloths!

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