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Letter: Former Assembly candidate predicts long, ugly Legislature session

As you know, I ran for the Assembly here in District 36; I won Nye County. So I feel I must speak on behalf of the thousands of people who voted for me. As you know, I ran on TAXES and WATER. This year’s Legislature has approximately 25 water bills it will be voting on. Many opportunities to take the very water we rely on to live. Many of these bad water bills have come from the Nye County Water District … Gee, no surprise there.

SB21 is one of the “GOOD” water bills. This one was designed and put forth by our county commissioner Donna Cox to save our water. It was voted on by our county commissioners and was approved 3-2.

SB21 seeks to dismantle the Nye County Water Board, which was formed to create a valley-wide utility, by combining the other two utilities and become one big water district. It was basically designed to control your water and sell it back to you.

Three of our county commissioners voted to abolish this extreme cost and only Lorinda Wichman and Dan Schinhofen voted to keep. It. You know how I feel about tax monsters!!

Donna Cox, along with citizens, worked on a BDR (bill draft request) and got it into the Legislature. It was up to be voted on today, Friday, Feb. 17, 2017.

But alas … we must remember this is Nye County and nothing could be that easy. No. This tax cutting bill has been pulled from the rotation for vote, to be “REVOTED” on by our county commissioners AGAIN!!! Why you ask??? I cannot give you the reason because there is not a justifiable reason to stop this bill at this point. What is going on behind the scenes is anybody’s guess … Remember, this is water and it’s worth billions.

So next Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 10 a.m., I implore you to be at the Nye County Commission meeting and tell them… NO WAY!!! We want to get rid of the tax and we want to control our own water. Tell them we want to make sure SB21 is back at the Legislature as soon as possible and to support it with a YES vote.

See you at the meeting. Let’s all stand and fight for our water. It’s going to be a long and ugly Legislature this year.

Tina Trenner

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