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Letter to the Editor

Back to the Twilight Zone

Glad to be back to the Twilight Zone called Nye County. I am glad the holidays are over. After visiting relatives on the other side of the world, I needed a relaxing laugh. As I catch up on the past local news, I see the Pahrump Town Board chairman, Mr. Harley (The Strangler) Kulkin, is still at it. Why don’t Progressive Democrats, like Mr. Kulkin and Mr. Tom (I can’t make a decision) Waters, get it in their collective minds that the voters made their voices heard in November, 2010.

Bye Bye Town Board.

Then there is the motorcycle rally, called Harley’s Run. Mr. Kulkin, it is time to grow up and stop trying to get your way. Your vocal exchange with Sheriff DeMeo is a disgrace. Have you ever worked or put a rally together? You should have listened to Sheriff DeMeo. Motorcycle rallies might not be so good for Pahrump as a whole. They attract all sorts of individuals, good and bad. When the Sheriff says he does not have the manpower to support the operation of a rally, you should listen. I know you will not be out there running interference between participants that are causing problems.

Then there is the ongoing fiasco of the Water Board. They say they do not know anything about water or some statement to that effect. Well, why don’t the Nye County Commissioners get a set of brass balls and get rid of the Water Board? OH NO! They are going to put together a Water Advisory Board. They are going to do the Comprehensive Water Plan that the Water District was supposed to do. Just another layer of local government. Next are the appointments to fill the vacancies on the Water Board. It’s good to see that our commissioners did not let us down again. They appointed another developer to the board. Mr. Michael Lach was appointed to the board. He is a big landholder.

That was his statement in the local paper. He has large land holdings throughout the state. OH! To see the campaign donations next reporting cycle. Mr. John Bosta was also appointed. Now that’s a good choice. He does his research as I see from the videos online of the commission meetings. It is a shame that the commissioners could not appoint good people to the Water Board. There were a couple of good choices on the list. OH! I forgot to mention that Mr. Harley (The Strangler) Kulkin was appointed as the Liaison to the Water Advisory Board. What’s next??????

And last but not least, our very own Corruption fighter, Mr. Anthony (Lawsuit) Greco. According to his last internet show on KPTU.TV, he is filing lawsuits up the Ying Yang. World, watch out, you’re next.

Well, that’s all the laughter I have for now.

Ray Smith

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