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Letter to the Editor

Obey courtesy laws, use common sense

I must reply to Mr. Butler’s rant about traffic control, Pahrump Valley Times letter to the editor on Friday, July 3.

A major problem in our area are people who do not use turn signals and more importantly do not stop at stop signs. In our valley we have very few stop signs so maybe folks forget why we have them at all. It is very intimidating to be driving along one of our 45 mph roads and have someone approach rapidly from a side street and barely stop a full car length or longer past the sign, seemingly begrudging to the fact I already occupied that road.

Personally, I have come nearly to a stop in anticipation of being hit, in an effort to lessen the results of that impact. So kudos to the motorcycle cop. I do think he should also pay attention to his peers as the deputies of Nye also do an outstanding job of ignoring the full stop and turn-signaling laws that are designed to protect and make it much easier for all of us to go about our business knowing what each of our intentions are.

I would however like to hear from those folks getting actual tickets for not using turn signals coming out of driveways or for defective lights.

Common sense says the first never happens and second is nearly always a warning, and we can think of good reasons for exceptions to that. So in place of whining about a good ticket, how about being a good neighbor and obey the courtesy laws, thus helping each other.

Now for a good rant: How about our police taking minor infraction stops off the road and stop putting themselves and the public in harm’s way like it used to be done in the good old common sense days.

John Firby

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