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Letter to the Editor

Shifting political realities and the fallout from the last election cycle have sadly moved some policymakers to restrict access to the ballot for certain communities. We’ve seen it right here in Nevada, as a restrictive voter ID bill was introduced earlier this session. While the bill was dead on arrival, it is a troubling reminder that some legislators would rather restrict access to the ballot than work to win over these communities ahead of the next election.

As similar bills are introduced and signed into law by state governments across the US, thankfully there is a critical piece of legislation in Congress that would undo these harmful and racially biased policies. The For the People Act is currently moving through Washington, now under consideration in the Senate, and includes a suite of campaign finance and election reforms that improve our democratic process, while at the same time preventing communities with more conservative political leadership from suffering at the hands of restrictive voting policies.

As critical conversations around social justice continue, the variable impacting all of these discussions is voter access. Our government cannot represent – or address – the true needs of communities until every voter is on equal footing. These are important realities that Senators Cortez Masto and Rosen understand, and their leadership on the For the People Act has been inspired. They should know that they have the support of voters, organizers, and local political leaders alike across the state in their continued push for this timely legislation.


Laura Martin

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

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