LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In favor of the planned RV park

In favor of the planned RV park

I want to address the RV park project on Wilson that was recently shot down. I live within a block of the site. I am completely in favor!

I am an RVer and all of the noise, traffic, dust, kids being in danger at bus stop concerns are greatly exaggerated. The lake is not needed. The way these RV parks are laid out would keep neighbors from being invaded by noise problems.

Next, the vast majority of the folks driving these rigs are very responsible and aren’t going to be speeding through our streets (like our locals do). I have never witnessed a large RV trying to beat someone out of their driveway.

By the way, 90 percent of these parks DO sit in residential areas. Dust … give me a break. I don’t care where you live, this won’t make a bit of difference.

As far as the bus stop issue goes, most check-in and check-outs won’t coincide with bus times. Again, the ones who do come and go at these times won’t be trying to run our kids down. I’m more concerned with those residents who refuse to recognize a stop sign limit line. (Just watch next time you come to a four-way stop).

Bottom line … missed opportunity to bring a bunch of much-needed revenue to our community. Another great example of a group of leaders with no foresight or direction.

Bill Clark

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