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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why vote on this again?

Why vote on this again?

It is not often I refer to that area which I moved from, because I didn’t like the weather, or the trees, or the people. I did not move here to change Nevada, to mimic that which I had moved from. I found nothing wrong with Nevada. That said, the town that I moved from was (still is) the county seat. The town that I moved from 45 years ago had a larger population than the city of Las Vegas. The town that I moved from has grown in population to about 200% of what it was 45 years ago. The City of Las Vegas has grown to about 800% of what it was 45 years ago. The town that I moved from has never incorporated, and is still the county seat. The City of Las Vegas did not enjoy the burden of the City of Las Vegas Police Department, so Clark County and the City of Las Vegas merged the Sheriff’s Office with John Moran’s PD. My question was, “If you don’t like all of the liabilities of incorporation, why did you incorporate?” I never did get an answer. The incorporated City of North Las Vegas is bankrupt, and has placed some of their load onto the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. Nevada taxpayers shall foot Northtown’s bills. Gabbs was incorporated, but not now. They faced prosecution.

After (3) attempts to incorporate Pahrump, what reasons can be made to justify another vote? The one and only reason I see is: some wish to get jobs at the taxpayers’ expense, causing a duplication of public employees.

Then we get to Amargosa Valley. There was a petition being passed around, and residents were informed that the sole purpose of the petition was to fund a ‘feasibility study’ to change from an advisory board to an elected town board. I refused to sign it, and asked, “Are you nuts? Do you really think that you are smarter than Northtown?” The town board said, “Yes.” Northtown was in difficulty then, and the response from the town board did not comfort me. 129 residents signed the petition, and the county commissioners changed Amargosa Valley from an advisory board to an elected town board, without a vote on the ballot. My wife and I asked some of those folks that signed the petition, “Did you know what was in that petition? Did you read the the petition?” The responses were, “No. No. We were told that the petition was for a ‘feasability study’.” With that success under their belts, Joe DeLee and John Bosta were running around telling everyone that Solar Millenium was going to give the town board $700,000, $350,000 earmarked for the town, with $350,000 to go to the fire dept. I am still waiting for the $700,000. Not likely that we will see anything from Solar Millennium, for they canceled the project after getting an unknown amount of taxpayers’ money. They did give a hamhock to the Senior Citizen’s Center, about 5 pounds. I feel it in my bones, the Amargosa Valley Elected Town Board will get real brave and spend AV into bankruptcy.

Because we lived in a county island, surrounded by the City of Las Vegas, I approached the Nye County Commissioners seeking the creation of a county island in Amargosa Valley, in an attempt to insulate and protect us from the Amargosa Town Board. Didn’t happen. Such is politics. We were never afforded due process, but our salvation may be prison terms for malfeasance.

Wayne P. Brotherton, Sr.

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