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Letters to editor

Attend upcoming commission meeting on zoning change

Everyone who lives within the vicinity of 6041 S. Hafen Ranch Road should be aware that there is a public meeting in front of the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission on Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. regarding a zone change application. The applicant, Nevada Natural medicines, LLC/Scott Sibley, manager, is requesting to change zoning for approximately five acres from neighborhood commercial to commercial manufacturing.

I am very concerned as I live in close proximity to this property and was one of the residents against allowing them to operate to begin with.

I do not know what NNM has in mind for the five acres but I have a pretty good idea. Has anyone else smelled the plants growing at the corner of Homestead/Thousandaire; Vicki Ann/Manse and further down Homestead? I certainly hope that everyone can take the time to appear at this hearing and make your voices heard.

Barb Jorgensen

Is a socialist country the direction we are headed, reader asks?

Many years ago the framers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights were gathered in an un-air-conditioned building to forge documents that today are very relevant. It was in the summer and per history, quite hot.

These men were from many backgrounds, with various ideas of what each wanted for their area’s populations, yet they came together as a group to design our country’s documents. That has led to the most diverse yet unified country on this planet. One that has led to the safe, lawful and prosperous people we are now.

Yet we have those who would take us back to being run by individual leaders that have no limits to their power, no checks or balances at all. It is called socialism (Marxism, communism, etc.) Why? Can anyone give a good reason or why we the people are willing to accept it?

Henry Hurlbut

No more free advertising to the president, please

For more than three years we have seen how the media – press, radio, television, etc., has been giving free publicity to the candidate and now president, repeating his name and surname constantly. The free advertising provided during the election campaign is valued at more than $2 billion.

The president accuses the media in the most blatant, insulting and aggressive manner of being the No. 1 enemy of the American people. The aggression to the media is increasing, reaching extreme situations, such as not allowing the presence or even expelling journalists from their press conference or presentations of their Reality-Fake. This fanfare is extremely harmful to journalists in the United States and the world. Perhaps we could relate to the horrible attack that suffered the press in Annapolis, Maryland with the balance of five fatalities.

Attacks on the press are a cruel attack on the Constitution, freedom of expression and the right of every citizen to be well informed. The damage that is being done to the country in general and to the press in particular must stop immediately and definitively. If the Republicans do not dare and the Democrats cannot, perhaps the journalists themselves should do it. The media should boycott the president’s name with absolute silence to everything he says, writes or does. In cases where there is no other choice, they can use alternatives such as president, the executive, the administration, etc.

Maybe it is not my place, but it would be advisable that the media pay more attention to the people, to the underpaid workers, to the families who cannot afford medical insurance, they cannot pay their rent as housing is becoming more expensive every day, take their children on vacation or send them to the university.

Please, for the sake of our democracy, of our country, for our families and future generations. Let us all join in the boycott. Do not repeat the name of the president. Please no more free publicity to the president. Thank you.

Angel Luis Ponce de Leon

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